Month: October 2010

Special Events – October 2010

Met at 1:00 pm on Sunday, October 24th at the Hi-Way Diner. Present; Carole-Treasurer, Diane and Matt-Chair. Balance: $484.30 Finalizing plans for the Christmas party on Dec. 11th. We could always use volunteers the day of the event to help.

Central Office Bulletin – October 2010

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Intergroup – October 2010

Lincoln Intergroup PO Box 6366 Lincoln, NE 68506 The AA Traditions were read by: Matt C Roll was taken: Officers present# 3 Committees present # 5 Group chair members present # 5 District present # 3 Minutes approved for September

District 21 – October 2010

October 15th, 2010 Start  4:35 pm 12 Traditions read by Sam R. Officer Reports Secretary’s Report (Amy W.): approved as read. Treasurers Report (Jay D.): Beginning Balance 478.33 In Out 10.00 (rent) $215.05 (sp. Actions,Suf. Sub., Wed noon and living