Month: January 2011

Intergroup – January 2011

Lincoln Intergroup PO Box 6366 Lincoln, NE 68506 Officers Chairman: Kirk. M Vice Chairman: Bob B. Secretary: Brian D. 730-4063 Treasurer: Dick S Kirk began the meeting @ 6:35 The AA Traditions were read by: Brandon Roll was taken: Officers

District 21 – January 2011

January 16th, 2010 12 Traditions read by Jackie S. Officer Reports Secretary’s Report (Amy W.): approved as read. Treasurers Report (Jay D.): Beginning Balance 331.00 In 28.65 (Spiritual Action) 43.50 (Sufficient Substitute) 386.10 (Seeking Solutions) Out $10.00 (rent) $42.75 (DCM

Special Events – January 2011

Met on 1/16/11. Members present; Matt C., chair, Carole W., treasurer. Balance: $1075.00. Christmas party went well. We did better than last year. Carole is reserving park for 4th of July picnic. Discussed possible female speakers for 4th of July