Month: July 2011

Special Events – July 2011

Met on 7/17/11. Balance: $1200.34. 4th of July picnic was well attended, thanks to all who participated and helped. Members present; Nancy, Carole-Treasurer, Matt –Chair. Began discussing Christmas party. Discussed locations and speakers for the party. The date will be

District 21 – July 2011

July 17, 2011 Traditions read by Zach L. Officer Reports Secretary’s Report (Michael F .): Treasurers Report (Jay D.): Beginning Balance $311.99 In $36.25 (groups) Out $10.00 (rent) Ending Balance: 348.24 Intergroup Liaison Report (Emily family reunion). No report.

Central Office Bulletin – July 2011

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Intergroup – July 2011

Lincoln Intergroup PO Box 6366 Lincoln, NE 68506 Officers: Chairman: Kirk Vice Chairman: Bob B. Secretary: Brian D. Treasurer: Dick S. Began the meeting @ 6:35 pm The AA Traditions were read by: Emily S Roll was taken: Officers present:

Central Service Office – July 2011

Lincoln Central Service Office Board of Director’s Meeting July 15, 2011 Amended 9/13/11 Open With Traditions: Craig Attendance: Eric, Marcella, Gary, Jim, Craig, Dru, Gayle Minutes: Approved Treasurer’s Report: Income: $6,641.00 Expenses: $3,264.08 Gain: $3,376.92 President’s Report: Jim K. Intergroup

District 29 – July 2011

7/12/11 Opened at 6:30pm. Traditions read by Luke F. 3 officers present, 4 meetings present; Life Preserver, Back to Basics, Monday Foxhall and Friday Night Eagle. Treasurer’s Report: Matt forgot report, balance of just over $300.00. Secretary’s Report: Read and