Month: October 2011

Central Office Bulletin – October 2011

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Intergroup – October 2011

Lincoln Intergroup PO Box 6366 Lincoln, NE 68506 Officers: Chairman: Kirk Vice Chairman: Bob B. Secretary: Brian D. Treasurer: Dick S. Began the meeting @ 6:35 pm The AA Traditions were read by: Ronnie Roll was taken: Officers present: 3

District 21 – October 2011

Present:    Jennifer S., Alternate DCM;  Jay D., Treasurer; Pat D., Temporary Secretary;  GSRs Present:  Sam R., Sufficient Substitute; Emily S., Spiritual Actions; Steve U., Pocket of Enthusiasm;  Linda S.,  The Steps We Take; Jon R., Seeking Solutions.  Alt. GSR, Bob

Special Events – October 2011

Special Events Committee Met on 10/16/11. Balance: $925.34, after deposit to WSI for holiday party. Members present; Nancy, Carole-Treasurer, Matt –Chair. Getting ready for holiday party.  Flyers are out.  Party earlier in the day this year due to the only

District 29 – October 2011

District 29 Report 10/11/11 Opened at 6:30pm. Traditions read by Sheila H. 3 officers present, 3 meetings present; Back to Basics, Monday Foxhall and Friday Night Eagle. Treasurer’s Report: $296.68. Rent paid through December. Secretary’s Report: Read and approved. Intergroup