Month: July 2012

Intergroup – July 2012

Meeting Minutes – July 27, 2012 Lincoln Intergroup PO Box 6366 Lincoln, NE 68506 Officers: Chairman: Bob B. Vice Chairman: Ron R. Secretary: Not Present – Thank you to Stacey N. for filling in and taking minutes. Treasurer: Dick S.

Central Service Office – July 2012

Lincoln Central Service Office Board of Director’s Meeting July 19, 2012 Open With Traditions: Neil Attendance: Gary, Klara, DR, Jim, Marcella, Gayle, Neil, & Eric Minutes-Accepted Treasurer’s Report: Eric Income: $4,834.54 Expenses: $7,339.51 Loss: ($2,504.97) 5. President’s Report: Jim K.

District 21 – July 2012

District 21 Meeting Minutes July 15, 2012 12 Traditions read by: Vickie P Officer Reports Secretary’s Report (Michael F.): Jenni H approved, Nancy S second Treasurer’s Report (Jon R.): ( See end of report for Treasurer’s Report through June 2012)

PI/CPC Minutes – July 2012

July 8,2012 Attendance: 3 Secretary’s Report:     NA, no meeting since April Treasurer’s Report:     Current Balance: $353.32 Jessi received the July disbursement check from intergroup. Kjerstin will give to Jeff to deposit and we will get a new balance.

District 3 – July 2012

July 3, 2012 Opened at 7:06 pm. Traditions were read by:  Seth H. 4 Officers Were Present DCM – Bob M.                    Intergroup – Mark S. Secretary – Sheila H. Treasurer – Darrel W. 3 Meetings Present