Month: February 2015

Meeting Changes – February 2015

Removed Sunday 6pm 24 Horas Lincoln 1802 G Lincoln Sunday 7pm Tecumseh AA 172 S. 4th St. (Tecumseh Action Center) Tecumseh Monday 8pm Winthrop Group 210 Gateway (First Step Recovery, Green Tree Ct. #342) Lincoln Saturday 7pm Saturday Night Live

Central Office Bulletin – February 2015

Central Service Office Meeting Minutes – February 2015

Open with Traditions: Craig 2. Attendance: Craig, Gary, Gayle, Jim J., Jim K., Marcella, Neil, Scott 3. Minutes: Gayle Approved 4. Treasurer’s report: Marcella reported for Dru. January, 2015: Income of $ 9,074.47, Less Expenses of $ 5,146.28 = Gain

District 29 Meeting Minutes – February 2015

Meeting Started: 6:35 pm   Officers Present:                                                                              Groups Present: DCM: Steve B.                                                                                   Life Preserver: J.R. Treasurer: Stacey K.                                                                        Back to Basics: Stacey K.   Traditions read by: J.R. Secretary report: N/A Treasurer report: – Current balance: $457.77