Month: March 2016

District 29 Meeting Minutes – January 2016

District 29 Meeting January 12, 2016 Meeting Started: 6:30 pm Officers Present: Groups Present: DCM: J.R. Life Preserver: Jenni H. Treasurer: Stacey K. Back to Basics: Chris P. Friday Night Eagle: Albert S. Traditions read by: Albert S. Secretary report:

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – February 2016

6:31p.m. Start Jake12 tradition. Bernice-Chair person. Secretary- Edward. Treasure-Lindsay Website-Sean Introduction Minutes read Treasure report Lindsay (attached report) Neal-Central office: Talked about spring fling, inventory went really good. (see attach central services form) Correction Bill: (see attached corrections form) Treatment

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – January 2016

6:35pm Open Eric-12 tradition Chair-present, Bernice Treasure-Lindsey Hot line-not present Website-not present Secretary-Edward Minutes read Treasure report Discuss intergroup budget and how it is being distributive. Lindsey treasure I had a problem with changing account over we need to discuss