Year: 2017

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – November 2017

17 People in attendance Open at 6:31 pm Shawn 12 Traditions Introductions Secretary report: All in favor Treasures report: All in favor Voting budget for next month Bernice: Got the key from Eric took flyer out to Central office and emailed

Intergroup Treasurer’s Report – October 2017

Intergroup Meeting Minutes- October 2017

October Minutes Open 6:33pm 18 attendance Shawn 12 traditions Introductions Secretary report-Approved Treasures report-Reimbursement from Willard Community Center for $120.00. All in motion. Intergroup chair-Bernice- Eric resigned from alt. chair, got the flyer for voting for next month. Needs groups budgets

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Intergroup Treasurer’s Report – September 2017

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – September 2017

Open 6:37p.m. Brock 12 Tradition Secretary report-Approved Treasures report-Approved Made corrections on the treasures report. Bernice: Voting for committee rep coming up spread the word. Made motion to move next meeting to November 17th, October 27th and December 29th. Election

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – August 2017

Aug Minutes Open 6:33p.m. Bill 12 tradition Introduction Secretary report- All in favor Treasures report- All in favor Adjust treasures report for September make corrections. Bill: corrections $157.16 balance. No activity to report. Lot of people signing up but a

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Intergroup Meeting Minutes – July 2017

July minutes Open 6:31p.m. Howard 12 Traditions Introductions Secretaries report: Approved treasures report: Absent Bernice- Did the Huddle, 2 more times had one person show up. Corrections: Bill-Balance $157.16, expect disbursement tonight but treasurer is absent. Make two book requests

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – June 2017

June Intergroup Minutes Open at 6:34pm 13 attended Brock read the 12 Traditions Moment of silence followed by Serenity Prayer Secretary report- Approved Treasurer report- Approved Chair Person: Bernice- No report Correction: Joe- The corrections committee will now meet in

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – May 2017

May Minutes Open at 6:34p.m. Attendees: 4 officers                   2 Committees                   8 Intergroup Reps                   3 Dist. Reps Howard reads 12 Traditions Secretary minutes: Approved all in favor. Treasurer report: Approved all in favor. Alt Chair: Eric “No report” Chair Person: Bernice

Intergroup Treasurer’s Report – March 2017

BALANCE FORWARDED FROM MARCH 2017 $2,351.48 CONTRIBUTIONS: 1st 164 GROUP $125.00 SEEKING SOLUTIONS $140.00 LIFE PRESERVER AA GROUP $34.00 GEORGIANA LEE (SPECIAL EVENTS) $634.36 Total Contributions: $933.36 $933.36 $3,284.84 EXPENDITURES: PICPC – 2nd Disbursement $243.28 Treatment – 1st & 2nd

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – April 2017

Open at 6:35p.m. 3 Officers present 4 Committees representatives attended 5 Intergroup representatives attended Eric read 12 Traditions Introduction Secretory report (approved, no apposed) Treasures report (approved, no apposed) PICPC: Kristen     Got the check for the State Fair booth. Working

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Due to renovations at Willard Community Center, intergroup will meet at St. James Methodist Church 2400 S. 11th st. starting Friday May 26th and will continue at that location until further notice. We will continue to meet at 6:30 on the

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – March 2017

Open at 6:33p.m. 3 officers present 1 committees rep. present 7 Intergroup rep. present Treasurer report:     Lindsey: Apologized for absent last week. She will make disbursement tonight if needed.     Treasurer’s report: approved by group (11-0) Chair Person Bernice:     Last month

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Intergroup Meeting Minutes – February 2017

Feb 2017 Intergroup: 3 Officers attended 3 Committees representative attended 5 Intergroup representative attended Open 6:30p.m. with Eric Brock-12 traditions Bill O-Corrections: Beginning balance of $171.50. Brought three Spanish Big Books at Area 41 for $28.10. New balance $143.40. Still need more

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – January 2016

Intergroup Meeting January Minutes – January 27, 2017 Officers: Chairman: Bernice Alt Chair: Eric Secretary: Edward Treasurer: Lindsay Began the meeting @ 6:30 pm following the Serenity Prayer The AA Traditions were read by: Lindsay Roll Officers present: 4 Committees