Month: March 2019

District 22 March Minutes

District 22 March 20, 2019 Attendees ● Loren, Dawn, Lindsay, Scott, Ron, Jack, Amy, Trevor, Connie DCM ● Attended the WCRAASC in Minnesota in March ○ GSO general manager Greg T. spoke and answered questions ○ GSO is looking at

Intergroup Minutes 02/28/19

Attendance: 11 Traditions: Read by Brandy. Minutes read; passed. Treasury Beginning balance: $4,838.98 (6) group contributions totaling $171.20 With $326 Special Events contribution, total Feb contributions: $497.20 Available funds (less remaining disbursements for committees): $1,858.76 Corrections Corrections minutes from 02/05/19

PICPC Committee Notes 2/12/19

PICPC Committee Notes – 2/12/19 Luke read traditions Secretary (Kjerstin E.): Kjerstin read old minutes.  Minutes were approved and 2nd.  Chair (Alyssa W.): Alyssa brought the PICPC workbooks to look through with the committee and determine work to do in

District 22 Meeting Notes February 2019

District 22 February 20, 2019 Attendees- Loren, Ron, Scott, Connie, CeCe, Lindsay, Jack DCM- ●Planning to go to WCRAASC March 1st Treasurer- ●December balance (updated)- $1,194.82 ●Contributions- $86.95 ●February balance- $1,281.77 Intergroup- ●Balance- $4,838.98 ●Corrections needs volunteers ●Special Events committee

District 21 Presents – Pizza Party Fun Shop!