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District 22 Dec. 18, 2019

Attendees- Loren, Ron, Lindsay, Meghan, CeCe, Taylor, Jack DCM Report- Nothing to report Treasurer’s Report-  Balance- $1,096.40 Intergroup- December 2019 Attendance, 16 Treasury  Checkbook balance $6,730.77 Available balance $5,521.61 Corrections, no changes still need volunteers  Special Events,  Open mic

District 22 October 16, 2019

Attendees- Loren, Lindsay, Scott, Ron, Connie, Jack September minutes read and approved. DCM Report- Lindsay attended the October Area meeting as Alt. DCM Area 41 Elections for 2020-2021 76 voting members present    WCR Trustee Candidate- Trent G.   Delegate- Jessica N. 

District 22 April 17, 2019

Attendees- ● Loren, Ron, CeCe, Jack, Connie, Scott, Trevor, Robin, Sadie DCM Report- Area 41 Business Meeting (April 13/14)- ● Flyers are out for the Area Reunion June 21,22,23 ● Loren R. is the new Area Webmaster ● GSO is

District 22 March Minutes

District 22 March 20, 2019 Attendees ● Loren, Dawn, Lindsay, Scott, Ron, Jack, Amy, Trevor, Connie DCM ● Attended the WCRAASC in Minnesota in March ○ GSO general manager Greg T. spoke and answered questions ○ GSO is looking at

District 22 Meeting Notes February 2019

District 22 February 20, 2019 Attendees- Loren, Ron, Scott, Connie, CeCe, Lindsay, Jack DCM- ●Planning to go to WCRAASC March 1st Treasurer- ●December balance (updated)- $1,194.82 ●Contributions- $86.95 ●February balance- $1,281.77 Intergroup- ●Balance- $4,838.98 ●Corrections needs volunteers ●Special Events committee

District 22 Grapevine Workshop – TACO BAR – Nov 10, 2018

District 22 Meeting Notes – August 2018

District 22 August 15, 2018 Attendees- -Loren, RoAnn, Trevor, Lindsay, Sadie, Ron, Cece, Jack DCM Report- ○ -There are guidelines published by GSO for internet activity and anonymity. -Spanish versions of Incoming GSR Toolkit, Past Actions Listing, and Area 41

District 22 Meeting Notes – July 2018

District 22July 18, 2018 Attendees- Loren, Cece, Lindsay, Sadie, Connie, Trevor, Jack DCM Report- ●  Area 41 Assembly this weekend ●  Area 41 chair has asked Loren to be part of an ad-hoc committee discussing Area Assembly frequency and weather

District 22 Meeting Notes – June 2018

District 22 – June 20, 2018 Attendees- Loren, Ron, Lindsay, Cece, Connie, Trevor, Jack DCM Report- ●  Area 41 website is back up and running, no new features yet ●  Nov. 10th has been confirmed with St. Matthews for the

District 22 Meeting Notes – May 2018

District 22 May 16, 2018 ─ Attendees Loren (DCM), Ron, Cece, Lindsay, Matt, Jack DCM Report ● Area41websiteredesignisclosetobeingdoneTreasurer ●  Beginning Balance $807.88 ●  Treasurer not in attendance Intergroup ●  Mike will step down as Dist. 22 IG rep, Lindsay will

District 22 Anonymity Workshop


District 22 July Meeting Minutes

District 22 July 16, 2014 Meeting opened at 1845 Traditions read by Chris L Members in attendance: Ron R, Chris L , Lindsey, Kelli J, Bill, Ken DCM report Not much to report. Jessi has started group visits. Treasurer report

District 22 June Meeting Minutes

June 18, 2014 District 22 meeting notes Members in attendance; Traditions read by; Erica DCM report; Jessi and Ron to start visiting meetings in June Treasurer Report:116.04. Same as April. check on rent paid for the year. Intergroup: Wrong amount

District 22 – March 2014

District 22 Mar 12, 2014 Meeting opened at 1855 Traditions read by Chris L Members in attendance: Ron R, Mike E, Seth H, John S, Chris L , Erica, Kelli J, Jordan, Luke DCM report :  Jessi attended West Central

District 22 – February 2014

District 22 Feb 19, 2014 Meeting opened @1846 Traditions read by: Ron Members in attendance: Ron R, Seth H, John S, Erica, Kelli J, Luke, Jordan DCM report: Area- January.  Dist 22 assigned agenda committee. Discussion of doing things the

District 22 – January 2014

District 22 Jan. 8, 2014 Traditions read by Chris L Members in attendance: Ron R, Mike E, Seth H, John S, Chris L , Erica, Kelli J DCM report Treasurer report: Balance has not changed($447.00), obtained debit card. Clarification of

District 22 – November 2013

1.      Traditions read by: Kyra 2.      Members in attendance: 3.      DCM/ALT DCM reports: None 5. Treasurers report: Bal. $679.49 Motioned approved to pay entire year of rent. 6. Intergroup: Bal. $682.37. Dist 21 &

District 22 – October 2013

1. Traditions read by: John S. 2. Members in attendance: Mike, Seth, Jessi, Kyra, Emily, Charlie, Ron, 3. DCM/ALT DCM reports: None 5. Treasurers report: $725.16 6. Intergroup: John S., See on website 7. Secretary minutes: read by Seth Motioned/Seconded

District 22 – September 2013

Message: DISTRICT 22 MINUTES Date: September 18th, 2013 1. Traditions read by: Ron R. 2. Members in attendance: Ron R., Mike E. Kelli J., Seth H., Jess H., John S., Bill O., Emily S., Kjersten E. 3. DCM/ALT DCM reports:

District 22 – August 2013

1.       Traditions read by: John S. 2.      Members in attendance: 8 members, 6 officers 3.      DCM/ALT DCM reports: none 5. Treasurers report: $671.72 6. Intergroup: See Website 7. Secretary minutes: Seth H. Motioned/Seconded