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Upcoming Intergroup Dates and News

Intergroup 09/26/19

Attendance: 11 present Moment of silence, Serenity Prayer. Traditions read. Minutes read and passed. Treasury: Beginning balance: $7,381.18 (1) group contributions, totaling $89.69; (2) expenses, totaling $559.26 Ending check book balance: $6,911.61 Ending bank balance: $6,961.24 Available funds (checkbook balance

Intergroup 08/29/19

Attendance: 16 present Moment of silence, Serenity Prayer. Traditions read. Minutes read; 2 updates needed to be made to 07/25/19 minutes. Minutes approved after changes requested. Treasury: Beginning balance: $7,353.69 (2) group contributions, totaling $277.12; (2) expenses, totaling $249.63 Ending

Intergroup 07/25/19

Attendance: 8 present Moment of silence, Serenity Prayer. Traditions read. Minutes read; no changes made. Treasury: Beginning balance: $6,848.31 (5) group contributions, totaling $236.08; (1) expense to Special Events totaling $250 4th of July 7th tradition: $519.30 Ending check book

Intergroup 06/27/19

Attendance: 13 present Minutes read; no changes made. Traditions read. Treasury: Final Treasury reports provided from April, May, June 2019; highlights below – see Treasury Reports for specific information April 2019 Beginning balance: $5,183.23 No contributions; (4) expenses totaling $399.63)

Intergroup 05/30/2019

Attendance: 11 present Traditions read. Minutes read; approved after amendment made to April minutes. Treasury:  Treasure not present.  No report available. Corrections Received disbursement for a new balance of $460.71.  Spent $50 towards literature Need volunteers for all correctional facilities

Intergroup 4/25/2019

10 in attendance  Bill Opened with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer  Traditions read by Brandy  Treasurer Report; Treasurer not available  Corrections:  *Beginning balance $411.08 received disbursement of $49.63, New balance $460.71 *Volunteers needed in most all

Intergroup minutes 3/29/2019

Attendance: 13 Traditions read by Brandy Minutes read and approved Treasury Starting balance $5336.18 4 contributions made or a total of $166.40 Expenses were $319 Bank balance is $5,502.58 Corrections Starting balance $411.08 Volunteers still needed Attendance has slightly picked

Intergroup Minutes 02/28/19

Attendance: 11 Traditions: Read by Brandy. Minutes read; passed. Treasury Beginning balance: $4,838.98 (6) group contributions totaling $171.20 With $326 Special Events contribution, total Feb contributions: $497.20 Available funds (less remaining disbursements for committees): $1,858.76 Corrections Corrections minutes from 02/05/19

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – August 2018

August 30, 2018 Intergroup Minutes 13 in attendance Traditions read by Brock Minutes read; passed. Treasurer’s Report: July amendments made – Special Events has been cleared out and absorbed under the Intergroup budget. SE will now request funds from Intergroup.

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – July 2018

Intergroup 7/26/19 Start at 6:33 p.m. 12 present. Opened with a moment of silence, followed by the Serenity Prayer. Traditions: Read by Mark June minutes read by Alyssa Motion to pass – 2nd received – Minutes Passed Treasury:  June Update: 

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – June 2018

June 28, 2018 – Start at 6:39 PM – 7 in attendance Opened with moment of silence, followed by Serenity Prayer Traditions: Read by Brock May minutes ready by Lindsay Motion to pass – 2nd received – Minutes passed Treasury:

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – May 2018

May Intergroup Meeting May 31, 2018 – Start at 6:30 PM – 14 in attendance Traditions: Read by Ryan April minutes read by Lindsay Motion to pass 2nd received Minutes passed Treasury: No adjustments to April preliminatry report 4 contributions

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – April 2018

April Intergroup Minutes 04/26/2018 – Start at 6:30 PM – 17 in attendance  Ryan read traditions Nicole read March minutes  Treasurer: Check Book Balance as of April 25 2018 – $3,703.44 with available funds of $1,151.87.  Please see attached report

Intergroup Treasurers Report – March 2018


Intergroup Meeting Minutes – March 2018

March 29th 2018 Intergroup, 6:30 12 in attendance Jim – Traditions Nicole read old minutes Treasures Report: March Balance $3,753.03.  Available Funds are $1,091.56.  Please see attached report for any questions. Corrections: Beginning balance of $209.30 + Intergroup Check of

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – February 2018

February 22, 2018 14 people in attendance. Traditions read by Sean Minutes read by Bill Treasures Report, Charlie: The beginning balance is $3758.00, ending balance is $3,655.20, with available funds of $993.79. The only difference is the outstanding check from

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – January 2018

Intergroup January 2018 – 11 Present Open 6:31 with Serenity Prayer Scott W. read Traditions Last month’s minutes – All in favor Treasurer’s Report – $4,196.72 Balance – Available Funds – $1096.61 Corrections –Community Corrections Center-Lincoln (state work release) needs

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – December 2017

Open 6:35pm 20 in attendance Charlie S. 12 Traditions Secretary Report–All in favor Treasures Report–All I favor Bernice: Need to vote on budget, and Intergroup reps tonight. Corrections Bill: No activities balance of $239.30 Treatment Lucy: No report. All new reps

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – November 2017

17 People in attendance Open at 6:31 pm Shawn 12 Traditions Introductions Secretary report: All in favor Treasures report: All in favor Voting budget for next month Bernice: Got the key from Eric took flyer out to Central office and emailed