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May 30, 2019 Intergroup Minutes

Attendance: 11 present Traditions read. Minutes read; approved after amendment made to April minutes. Treasury:  Treasure not present.  No report available. Corrections Received disbursement for a new balance of $460.71.  Spent $50 towards literature Need volunteers for all correctional facilities

Intergroup Minutes 4/25/2019

10 in attendance  Bill Opened with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer  Traditions read by Brandy  Treasurer Report; Treasurer not available  Corrections:  *Beginning balance $411.08 received disbursement of $49.63, New balance $460.71 *Volunteers needed in most all

Intergroup minutes 06/27/19

Attendance: 13 present Minutes read; no changes made. Traditions read. Treasury: Final Treasury reports provided from April, May, June 2019; highlights below – see Treasury Reports for specific information April 2019 Beginning balance: $5,183.23 No contributions; (4) expenses totaling $399.63)

Intergroup minutes 3/29/2019

Attendance: 13 Traditions read by Brandy Minutes read and approved Treasury Starting balance $5336.18 4 contributions made or a total of $166.40 Expenses were $319 Bank balance is $5,502.58 Corrections Starting balance $411.08 Volunteers still needed Attendance has slightly picked

Intergroup Minutes 02/28/19

Attendance: 11 Traditions: Read by Brandy. Minutes read; passed. Treasury Beginning balance: $4,838.98 (6) group contributions totaling $171.20 With $326 Special Events contribution, total Feb contributions: $497.20 Available funds (less remaining disbursements for committees): $1,858.76 Corrections Corrections minutes from 02/05/19

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – August 2018

August 30, 2018 Intergroup Minutes 13 in attendance Traditions read by Brock Minutes read; passed. Treasurer’s Report: July amendments made – Special Events has been cleared out and absorbed under the Intergroup budget. SE will now request funds from Intergroup.

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – July 2018

Intergroup 7/26/19 Start at 6:33 p.m. 12 present. Opened with a moment of silence, followed by the Serenity Prayer. Traditions: Read by Mark June minutes read by Alyssa Motion to pass – 2nd received – Minutes Passed Treasury:  June Update: 

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – June 2018

June 28, 2018 – Start at 6:39 PM – 7 in attendance Opened with moment of silence, followed by Serenity Prayer Traditions: Read by Brock May minutes ready by Lindsay Motion to pass – 2nd received – Minutes passed Treasury:

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – May 2018

May Intergroup Meeting May 31, 2018 – Start at 6:30 PM – 14 in attendance Traditions: Read by Ryan April minutes read by Lindsay Motion to pass 2nd received Minutes passed Treasury: No adjustments to April preliminatry report 4 contributions

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – April 2018

April Intergroup Minutes 04/26/2018 – Start at 6:30 PM – 17 in attendance  Ryan read traditions Nicole read March minutes  Treasurer: Check Book Balance as of April 25 2018 – $3,703.44 with available funds of $1,151.87.  Please see attached report

Intergroup Treasurers Report – March 2018


Intergroup Meeting Minutes – March 2018

March 29th 2018 Intergroup, 6:30 12 in attendance Jim – Traditions Nicole read old minutes Treasures Report: March Balance $3,753.03.  Available Funds are $1,091.56.  Please see attached report for any questions. Corrections: Beginning balance of $209.30 + Intergroup Check of

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – February 2018

February 22, 2018 14 people in attendance. Traditions read by Sean Minutes read by Bill Treasures Report, Charlie: The beginning balance is $3758.00, ending balance is $3,655.20, with available funds of $993.79. The only difference is the outstanding check from

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – January 2018

Intergroup January 2018 – 11 Present Open 6:31 with Serenity Prayer Scott W. read Traditions Last month’s minutes – All in favor Treasurer’s Report – $4,196.72 Balance – Available Funds – $1096.61 Corrections –Community Corrections Center-Lincoln (state work release) needs

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – December 2017

Open 6:35pm 20 in attendance Charlie S. 12 Traditions Secretary Report–All in favor Treasures Report–All I favor Bernice: Need to vote on budget, and Intergroup reps tonight. Corrections Bill: No activities balance of $239.30 Treatment Lucy: No report. All new reps

Intergroup Meeting Minutes – November 2017

17 People in attendance Open at 6:31 pm Shawn 12 Traditions Introductions Secretary report: All in favor Treasures report: All in favor Voting budget for next month Bernice: Got the key from Eric took flyer out to Central office and emailed

Intergroup Treasurer’s Report – October 2017

Intergroup Meeting Minutes- October 2017

October Minutes Open 6:33pm 18 attendance Shawn 12 traditions Introductions Secretary report-Approved Treasures report-Reimbursement from Willard Community Center for $120.00. All in motion. Intergroup chair-Bernice- Eric resigned from alt. chair, got the flyer for voting for next month. Needs groups budgets

Intergroup Service Position Elections

What is Intergroup Revised October 2017 new addy

Intergroup Treasurer’s Report – September 2017