Web Site

Web Site Committee meetings are held as the needs arise.

Web Site Guidelines

The Lincoln Intergroup Website Committee was established as a special committee by Lincoln Intergroup on August 26, 2005. The committee became active on September 18, 2005.

Committee Membership
The committee will consist of a chairperson appointed by Lincoln Intergroup. Other members will be from the A.A. Fellowship at large. Participation from the other service committees is encouraged.

Basic Functions and Responsibilities
The Committee takes the actions required to maintain the internet presence (the website) of Lincoln Intergroup consistent with its mission.

The mission of the website is:

  1. to carry the message to the still sick and suffering alcoholic,
  2. to keep the members of the fellowship informed about the fellowship’s activities,
  3. to support the efforts of the service committees.

The committee will have the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. The Website Committee will take its direction from Lincoln Intergroup.
  2. The Website Committee will coordinate hosting of the website and will ensure that fees for hosting services are paid and that those services are provided.
  3. The Website Committee will assure that the appropriate permissions have been obtained when required before publishing materials from other A.A. entities.
  4. The Website Committee will keep the calendar on the website updated with timely and correct information.
  5. The Website Committee will be represented at Lincoln Intergroup meetings as required to report on website activities and to receive guidance from the Fellowship.
  6. The Website Committee will be the steward of the website, will maintain the integrity of the website in accordance with the Traditions of our Fellowship and will ensure that the security of the website will not be compromised.
  7. The Website Committee will report to Lincoln Intergroup regarding enhancements to the website and will seek their approval prior to implementing any significant changes to core functionality or content.
  8. Lincoln Intergroup must necessarily have control and final authority over the presentation, security or enhancement of their respective proprietary information.
  9. The Website Committee will provide backups of the website to the Lincoln Intergroup Chairperson on odd-numbered months.

Lincoln Intergroup Website Address The Universal Resourse Locator (URL) of the Lincoln Intergroup website will be http:lincaa.org

General Guidelines

  1. Any changes to these guidelines must be approved by Lincoln Intergroup.
  2. No personal phone numbers, personal email addresses, last names, chat rooms or bulletin boards/message boards will be allowed.
  3. The website will not include any advertising or endorsements. Links to known A.A. entities are permitted. Links to information recourses and website tools are permitted only to the extent that they support a Lincoln Intergroup event or better use of website information.
  4. All web pages must carry appropriate copyright notices to protect the copyrights of A.A. World Services, the A.A. Grapevine, or other legal entities.
  5. The website will be maintained by a Webmaster under the direction of the Website Committee.
  6. All posted events must be sponsored by a recognized A.A. entity. In addition, all Group or District events must include an A.A. Meeting or carry the spiritual message of recovery through the 12-Steps, 12-Traditions or 12-Concepts. They must have no outside 12-Step fellowships participating other than Al-Anon.
  7. Website methodology, content and presentation will be guided by that of the G.S.O. Website (www.aa.org) including that sites “FAQ About A.A. Websites.”