PI/CPC Minutes – June 2013

Attendance – 5


Next month’s meeting will be held at the usual time – 3:30 p.m. on July 14, even though the Unity Picnic will be going on.

Old Business

Drug Court Presentation

–          Luke: It happened!! (just Luke there)

  • Less interest from participants
  • 5 people there
  • No questions, they just stared at him

–          Luke will go back in July with either Kaci B or Alyssa to show them the ropes

–          Final version of format is done and will be used in July

Gmail Account

–          Jessi tracked down information from Craig LP

–          Craig also mentioned using the google docs part for committee minutes storage for long term.

  • We will look into this


Literature Order

–          Bernice placed order with Area 41

  • Most of it has been received
  • We will put together packets in July


New Business

Recruitment Discussion

–          Change meeting time/date???

–          Alyssa will create a flier to promote that PICPC needs help

  • We make it available at CO for groups to have

–          Need to get more help before the new rotation (voting in November)

–          Goal for each current member: bring 3 new people each next month

Mission Help??

–          Bernice heard from an elderly man in AA that he has done CPC work on his own and was told by doctors there is a need for AA at the mission.

  • We aren’t sure if the meeting is still happening there
  • We will be contacting a professional contact to see what needs to be done and how we can help.

Semi Annual Expense Report

–          Jessi will get the numbers from Jeff and have this prepared to share at Intergroup in June.