District 22 – January 2014

District 22

Jan. 8, 2014

Traditions read by Chris L

Members in attendance: Ron R, Mike E, Seth H, John S, Chris L , Erica, Kelli J

DCM report

Treasurer report: Balance has not changed($447.00), obtained debit card. Clarification of reimbursement/ are- 22.6 cents per mile/roundtrip + 1 night stay.- Chris L

Intergroup: balance 870.64.  –John S

Secretary: minutes from last meeting Dec. 18, 2013- New business- area agenda items. Motion to accept. Approved

New Business: Area voting items

  • 2014-1-14-001 Finance- accept one time donation to Area 41 from AA member’s estate/ and or individual at 50% of GSO. Passed 36-3
  • 2013-11-10-011Finance- approve area 41 budget guidelines- has not been updated since.  Would like to make changes to prudent reserve. Passed Unanimously
  • 2013-11-10-012- Discontinue publishing of Area 41 hardcopy of where and when book because information is usually outdated by the time it goes to print. Failed
  • .

Group Reports

  • 164: Steady. Around 30-35 in attendance. Discussed sponsoring a spring fling hospitality room/ speaker.  Shot down; not an AA sanctioned event.  Planning a group inventory
  • Stag: Going well.  GSR not present.
  • Sunday Night Workshop: Secretary resigned.  Jeremy F to be new secretary. Collections may be down. Prudent reserve is less than one month’s rent. Attendance has been steady and has gone up. Questions about reimbursement for area.
  • Ladies Big Book:  Doing well