Intergroup Meeting Minutes May 2014

Intergroup Minutes
Chair – Not Present
Vice Chair – Not Present
Treasurer – Bernice S (Substitute Chair)

Start 6:30

Jenni opens with 12 traditions.

10 people present

Previous minutes were sort of read

Treasurer’s Report Given – Question of corrections committee disbursements being $134.06 and it being recorded in corrections minutes as a $178.75 as a quarterly disbursement. The difference of the amount was then given to corrections (44.69) to correct the budgeted total.

Corrections Committee – Asked to check in with the committee to see if more women’s meetings are needed in the facilities.

Treatment – Not Present

Hotline – Need more numbers entered in the hotline.

Central Office – Nothing Earth Shattering

PICPC – Not Present

Special Events – 4th of July Picnic coming up at Bethany Park. In need of new secretary and next meeting is at Highway diner on June 22 at 6 p.m. Ending balance of $1028.25

Web Chair – Intergroup minutes have not been posted or received for the past 5 months. Send links to or the contact info on the website.

District 3 – Low Attendance. Going to be setting up PO Box soon.

District 21 – Low Attendance. Unity Picnic July 13th form 1230 to 330 at Van Dorn Park with speakers Trent G. and Bill O.

District 22 – October 5 will have a workshop. Hosting Area Reunion.

District 29 – Not Present.

Olde Business – None

New Business – None

Motion to Close – 7:05

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Submitted by Jordan T