Intergroup Meeting Minutes – July 2014

Meeting starts at 6:33 P.M.
Kirsten opens with Traditions
Brian – Intergroup Chair
Jordan – Secretary, HIW, Corrections Committee
Mckayla – Ladies Big Book Study
Tara – Young Peeps, Wilde Bunch
Jim – Central Office
Jeigh – Spiritual Actions, District 3
Lyn – Big Book Bunch
Bernice – Treasurer
Kirstin – PICPC
Ben – District 21
Shawn – Fox hall
Treasurer’s Report – Make sure group donations are accurate.
Central Office – Not Broke
PICPC – Continuing Education workshop for Professionals. Discussion of donating big book on tape (though it would be a compact disc) to public libraries, 7 total. More information will be required. Bryan West – August 5 1-430 pm workshop
Corrections – Need Books for York Women’s Facility.
District 3 – 4 attending, no man power to do anything
District 21 – Unity picnic was good. Only 3 people in attendance.
District 22 – not present
District 29 – not present
Hotline – Got some sheets for Hotline.
Olde Business – Contacted Alt Chair, Going to try to get keys back.
New Business – Bernice is flying in a plane “around the world all month” so will not be in attendance.
Closed at 7:15 A. M.