District 22 July Meeting Minutes

District 22
July 16, 2014
Meeting opened at 1845
Traditions read by Chris L
Members in attendance: Ron R, Chris L , Lindsey, Kelli J, Bill, Ken
DCM report Not much to report. Jessi has started group visits.
Treasurer report 199.01 total. 82.97 Deposit from Men’s stag.
Intergroup: No one yet. Lindsey will be filling in since she is also rep for LBB.
Secretary: (Kelli) Read July minutes Motion made by Seth, seconded. Approved
New Business:

Old Business:
Intergroup rep. Lindsey has agreed to serve.
District workshop;
Discussion: Date set for October 5th.
Contact church west of Zesto’s (Immanuel Lutheran) about availability. Pastor is AA friendly.
Kelli will contact the other Immanuel about their availability.
Time? Set for afternoons to accommodate for church services. 2:30-5:00
Topic: Traditions? Service structure? Importance of service structure and importance of carrying the message in the vote, importance of the traditions in service.
Service structure- importance, how it protects us and AA
Importance of traditions as they relate to service
Carrying the voice/ message/ vote

Speakers: Bring ideas to groups, look for suggestions for speakers.
Food: Pie? Tailgate food?
Group Reports
• 164: changes made to intro. Discussed big book sales. Sitting on a decent balance. Attendance is steady
• Stag: 25-35 people. Continuing touchstone. Not many at business meeting. Brought up district inventory. No interest.
• Sunday Night Workshop: attendance is up. Still working on balance. Had a suggestion at business meeting that they only have meeting once a quarter.
• Ladies Big Book: 30-40 in attendance. Dispursements set to go out this month
• Wild Bunch:
• Everyone’s step;
• Big book bunch: attendance is way down. Ken is new GSR. Committed to getting the meeting back on track.

• Meeting closed @1940