Intergroup Meeting Minutes – October 2014

Intergroup Minutes for October 24, 2014

Open at 6:31

Tom read 12 Traditions

Role Call –

Brian – Chair

Joel – Treatment Committee

Tom – Clock tower Meeting

Bill – Web Chair

Lindsey – District 22

Mckayla – Ladies BB

Jenni – Special Events

Bernice – Treasurer

Kirsten – PICPC, Sunday Night Workshop

Jim – Central Office

Edward – Back to Basics

Sean – Foxhall

Jeigh – 3rd district, Spiritual Actions

Jordan – HIW, Secretary

Minutes Read

Treasurer’s Report – Minutes are reported. Bring contact info for the DCMs.

Central Office – Election nomination in November, Election will be in December. Will need positions filled, at least one year of sobriety.

Website – Everything working and Paid up. Yay!

District 3 – Workshop on Feb 14 with a sweetheart dance, possibly. Make sure to mail to P.O. box 84125 zip 68501.

District 22 – Workshop at Emanuel Lutheran on November 8th at 12:45 with tailgate food and 3 speakers over service work.

District 21 – Not Present

District 29 – Not Present

Hotline – Not Present

Treatment – Bridging the Gap has taken off. Looking for Treatment Centers for presentation and looking for people to help or if you need more info, contact Jim at treatment committee.

Special Events – Holiday event fliers will come out soon.

PICPC- Probation provider fair, some people went and mental health walk was attended. Still had not heard about the library with the books on CDs. Discussion of going out to area with the idea or putting the books in their budget. A lot of the groups wanted intergroup to fund the books and it was decided to include the books in the budget.

Corrections – Minutes Brought.

Olde Business – Budgets need to be submitted, Moving Halloween meeting to October 24th.

New Business – Bring Semiannual expense report, committees, to December Meeting.

Motion for both intergroup meetings to move to November 21 and December 19th to avoid the holidays. Passed



Treatment – No Budget

Special Event – On their Own

Website – 140.00 for hosting and domain name.

Intergroup – 302.00

  • 00 for rent
  • 00 for Post Office
  • 00 For Misc- Office (stamps and paper)

PICPC – 943.00

  • Current – 148.95
  • 200 for B.B.
  • 2 – 2 year subscription to Grapevine
  • Misc – Expenses
  • 00 for 7 Books on tapes

Hotline – No Budget

Corrections –

The Corrections Committee Budget for 2015:

Rent: $60.00
One case of hardback Big Books: $200.00
One case of paperback Big Books: $180.00
Total estimated expenses for 2015: $440.00

Minus current balance: $37.93
Minus Fourth Quarter 2014 dis-
bursement from Intergroup: $178.75
Total subtracted from $440.00: $216.68

Total request for 2015: $223.32

Budgets will be voted on at next Intergroup Meeting

Meeting adjourned at 7:26