Intergroup Meeting Minutes – January 2015


Meeting starts at 6:32 p.m.

Nate opens with 12 Traditions.

Role call of Positions

Brian – Intergroup Chair

Jordan – Intergroup Secretary

Jeigh – District 3

Lindsay – District 22

Neil – Central Office

Bernice – Intergroup Treasurer

Brandon – Hotline

Kirsten – PICPC

Bernice starts the meeting with a presentation over the function of Intergroup, with diagrams!!! She talked about the structure of service in Nebraska and what different committees do.   The present representatives then threw out a quick look at their committee.

PICPC – Public Information and the Cooperation of the Professional Community. Functions as a leeway to the public at large in what AA is about.

Hotline – A means of contact for a person to a member or representative of AA in which information may be given.

Central Office – Tries to keep things to go smoothly on the business side of Central Office.

Minutes Read – correction – only the fliers are reimbursed for Bernice.

Treasurer’s Report – Cost of pamphlets is high due to color printing but will do Black and White next time. PICPC correction for the misc. expenses covering the 345.00 for the books on tape which was already put into the budget dropping the cost from 1288.00 to 934.00

District 3 – Need to talk with Central Office over the Feb. 14 dance and workshop.

District 21 – NP

District 22 – Had a new group come to district

District 29 – NP

PICPC – Still working with UNL and SCC – LDAC (License Drug Alcohol Councilor)

Treatment – NP

Corrections – NP

Special Events – NP

Website – The chair may come back, may not.

Hotline – 75 total Calls

Central Office – Still looking for alternate board member.

Olde Businesse – Will need New Webb Chair (discussed)

Voted on reimbursing Bernice for fliers.

Newe Businesse – N/A

Meeting Adjourned 7:35