Intergroup Meting Minutes – April 2015

Minutes for Intergroup April 24, 2015

Meeting starts at 6:32

Jeigh opens the meeting with 12 traditions

Chairs present

Brian – Chair

Treasurer – Bernice

Secretary – Jordan

Website – Sean

Minutes read

Treasurer’s Report – Paid post office box. Omaha meeting lists were given to CCCL and receipt was


Central Office – Slight loss. Was at the Spring Fling.

Hotline – Lost 3 sheets. Need to add sheets with people’s numbers. Anytime is needed for hotline sign

up. Discussion on changing the schedule and the sheets to streamline info.

Website – Haven’t started working on the website but will meet with previous chair in 2 weeks.

District 3 – Will be a planning meeting June 2nd at 8 p.m. for June 2016 Area Reunion with District 21.

District 21 – Still in need of treasurer. Unity Picnic will be July 12 at Van Dorn Park from 12:30 – 3:30.

Will have 2 speakers. Attendees are asked to bring side dishes and dessert.

No District 22

No District 29

No Corrections

No Treatment


Olde Business – None

New Business – None

Reminder for committees to bring twice a year report of expenditures

Closed at 7:03