Central Service Office Meeting Minutes – April 2015


1.  Open with Traditions:  Dru

2.  Attendance:  Dru, Gary, Gayle, Jim J., Jim K., Marcella, Neil

3.  Minutes:  Gayle

4.  Treasurer’s report:  Dru           March, 2015  (Complete Report available next month)

Sales                                 $ 3,366.07

Contributions                    $ 1,697.68


5.  President’s report:  Neil

6.  Intergroup report:  District 21 Unity Picnic is set for July 12th at Van Dorn Park.  Bill is stepping down and Shawn is now the new website chair.

7.  Office Manager’s report:  Marcella

a.    Total office calls in March:  _144_   12 Step __1__

b.    Names for the hotline are needed.  The Answering Service has not received names for some time.

c.    The Spring Fling CSO volunteer sign up sheet is being passed.  There was discussion about finding volunteers to load and unload the truck at both CSO Office and at the event.  CSO will be open during workshops and closed during speakers.

d.    A new internet connection was installed at The Meeting Place.

8.  Old Business:

Group visitations to thank the community for it’s CSO support is going well and has improved contributions.  Groups have expressed their appreciation for CSO’s appreciation visits.  Jim K. is updating the list and we will continue the visitations.


9.  New Business: None

10.  Adjourn:

Next Board Meeting:  May 21, 2015 @ 7 P.M. @ Central Service Office 28th & S

Next Intergroup meeting:  April 24th @ 6:30 @ Willard Community Center