Intergroup Meeting Minutes – June 2015

Meeting starts at 6:35

Jeigh opens with 12 traditions

Chairs Present

Chair – Bryan

Treasurer – Bernice

Secretary – Jordan

Website – Shawn

Minutes read

Treasurer’s Report – 973.29 total contributions with 909.56 for expenses giving a total balance of 63.73

Website – Torch has still not been passed between chairs, but will continue to try to change.

Central Office – Everyone was happy to get the hotline sheets. The reason for the loss in April was due to buying a larger order for the spring fling stock. May was pretty good. Income is due to contributions and sales.

District 3 – Got items out for next Area. The reunion committee was good and that there are 13 chairs for reunion committee, will be meeting on Sunday July 19th at Bryan West at 5:30

District 21 – Unity Picnic is coming up. Bryan W. became new treasurer for the district. See district 3 collaboration on area reunion. In need of alt. DCM.

Corrections – Still need volunteers for facilities. Minutes were dropped off to intergroup with twice a year report.


No Treatment

No District 29

No district 22

No Hotline

Olde business – Twice a year report. Update hotline sheet.

Newe Business –Brian will be out of town on July 31st and Bernice will be chairing.

Questions of central office monthly calendar arose over having non-affiliation. Central Office is not part of AA so they may publish what they like. is the website of Lincoln AA so discussion of whether central office should be able to post on said website due to non affiliation. Also concerns of the sobriety dates on the calendar and if it has been updated.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm