Intergroup Meeting Minutes – December 2015

Intergroup Minutes Dec 18,2015

Meeting opens 6:35

Mark reads 12 traditions

Chairs Present

Chair – Brian

Treasurer – Bernice

Hotline – Brandon

Website – Sean

Secretary – Jordan

Minutes read

Treasurer’s report – The contact list is being passed again for intergroups purpose of contacting district representatives . Look at budgets on for treasurer’s report.

Central Office – There is a difference between office and hotline calls. There may be an increase in calls. Inventory on Jan 23 at 9:30 a.m. , feel free to show up to help. Elected officers for next year. Got a lot of fliers for Christmas event.

Website – questions of having and paying for a second web address for a reason along with which is used. Determined that the previous site is taken so another website is not made to confuse people. There was a question of restoring website and price and where to pay for the site.

Hotline – 37 – meeting info. 7 – 12 step call. 2 – Central Office. Sign up sheets will be brought next month.

Corrections – Will try to get in contact with Kemper for Bridging the Gap. Will be creating sign up sheets to try to get more volunteers for correctional facilities. There is a change to budget which is 206.50 and 203.50 totaling 410.00. Attended forum for programs in correctional facililties by state senators, contact Bill O for more info.

PICPC – Not Present

Treatment – Not Present

Groups – Christmas morning 9:30 at cornhusker hotel for breakfast every year.

District 3 – Question on Picnic on June 11 and different questions on that exact day.

District 21 – GSR workshop had a lot of chili and about 35 people showed. 3rd Sunday of every month at 4:30 in the basement of Bryan West for district meeting.

District 22 – “We are great” –Lindsay

District 29 – Not present

Olde Business- Got the keys for intergroup meeting back from previous vice chair.

Intergroup Chair – Bernice – elected unanimously

Treasurer – Lindsay – elected unanimously

Secretary – Edward – elected unanimously

Hotline – Jessica – elected unanimously

Website – Shawn – elected unanimously

Alt Chair – Eric – elected unanimously

New DCM and Intergroup officers was passed out for contact info.

List of treatment committee officers that can be given to those that want it.

Question of how to represent for the budgets.

Intergroup budget request – $322 for next year

Hotline – $20

Website $140

201b PICPC Budget & Request tor Funds

2016 Proposed Budget total: $1,078.07

Left over Balance from 2015: $163.07

Funds Requested from Intergroup: $915.00

Plan for funds in 2016:

Big Books $728.00

o We’ve attended a number of events over the past year and were able to hand out 2 cases (40 Big books) and we’d like to continue doing that and look to expand to other events. We already have 2 events planned for 2016, one being our bi-annual workshop at the Independent Center.

Pamphlets $200.00

o We continue to expand the number of events we attend, or groups we speak with. We’ve also been creating packets for clergy and doctors and handing them out personally, or at events. We’ve decided to expand and hand out literature to military, police and fire, so well need to order more pamphlets for those, along with keeping our inventory stocked.

Printing costs/Supplies/Miscellaneous $150.00

o To cover printing costs, any unexpected expenses that relate to the workshop or any other presentations. We’d like to make fliers to let AA members know about our committee also.

Treatment Facilities Committee Budget 2016

November 20. 2015

To: Lincoln Intergroup

From: Treatment Facilities Committee Greetings,

Elections were held at the 10/11/2015 meeting of the Treatment Facilities

Committee. Kemper Wilkins was elected to replace Joel Egger as the Treasurer.

Arrangements were made with Pinnacle Bank to transfer the bank account and

signatory responsibilities from Joel to Kemper effective immediately.

Proposed is a budget for the Treatment Facilities Committee for 2016. We haven’t had a workshop in a couple of years and would like to hold one. Below are costs, if you were to approve our budget with a workshop and if it isn’t approved.

Without Workshop:

Travel for Area – $420.00

Pamphlets – $150.00 — we buy pamphlets for non-profit treatment centers

Books – $250 – we will be buying books for non-profit treatment centers

Rent at Independence Center – $120

Total – $940.00

Cash Balance on hand as of 11/20/2015 – $113.39

Total Request for 2016 minus Cash Balance on hand – $827.00 -$221.61 to both budgets for disbursement.

With Workshop: Room to rent for workshop – $60.00

Pamphlets for workshop – $50.00

Food for workshop – $50.00

Total- $160.00

Current Request plus workshop costs = 827.00 + 160.00

Total Request for 2016 plus workshop minus cash on hand – $987.00

This budget request was prepared for your consideration by Alyssa Wilson and Kemper Wilkins. We thank you for your consideration.

Respectfully submitted,

Kemper Wilkins

Treasurer, Treatment Facilities Committee

Corrections Committee —3 November 2015

Chair: Vacant.

Treasurer: Bill 0. Beginning balance of $150.61. Deposited fourth quarterly disbursement check from Intergroup, for $55.89. New balance is $206.50. No other activity.


City County Jail: Male and female volunteers needed, days and times flexible. Call Sherry Kotter at the facility, 402-441-1900, extension 24155, if interested in becoming a volunteer. The A.A. contact person is Joe G., 402-480-9678.

Community Corrections Center, Lincoln (CCCL): Male and female volunteers are eligible to enter this facility. The contact person at the facility is Pam Florang, 402-47 1- 08 13. The A.A. contact person is Joe G., 402-480-9678.

Diagnostic and Evaluation Center (D & E): Monday and Wednesday night meetings, men only. Part-time volunteers needed who can fill-in when the regular volunteers are absent. The contact person at the facility is Pastor Price, 402-471-3330. The A.A. contact person is Bill 0., 402-475-9341.

Residential Treatment Community (RTC): Saturday night meeting, men only. The two volunteers often have A.A. service commitments that prevent them from attending. They are looking for volunteers to fill-in for them when they are absent. The contact person at the facility is Ashley Emerson, 402-471-3039. The A.A. contact person is Bill 0., 402-475-9341.

Lincoln Correctional Center (LCC): Joel E. is the only volunteer currently going into the facility. He would like some help. If you are interested in being a volunteer, contact Kevin Oliver at kevin.oliver(, or call Joel, 402-617-6229.

Nebraska State Penitentiary (NSP): The Iron Bar A.A. Group is looking A.A. speakers to come into the facility and share their sobriety stories at their Tuesday night meeting. If you are interested in speaking, contact Bill B. at 402-326-6368.

Old Business: None.

New Business: None.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, 1 December 2015, at 6:00 p.m., Room 2A, the Meeting Place, 28” and S Street.


Rent: $60.00

One case ppbk. Big Books $180.00

One case ppbk. 12 & 12’s $150.00

New version of It Sure Beats $20.00

Sitting a Cell video

TOTAL $410.00

New Business – Discussion on all budgets.

Question over the 50 Omaha meeting lists voted to be tabled in March of 2015 to send to treatment and corrections , was tabled again.

Question over giving money to Treatment for Area 41 travel expenses. Motion made to table the money that expense until treatment is present to discuss the area 41 travel expense and discussion of committees. In favor – 9 Opposed – 1 No minority voice. Motion passed to hold Treatment committee travel expenses until next month.

Discussion of reports to groups for intergroup to send out info.

Vote for all budgets to be passed. Passes unanimously with the hold on treatments travel expenses.

Giving the keys that were returned to alt chair motion. Motion passed.

Question of paying the old website chair for the 71.88 for word press and the 149.99 for renewal expense totaling 221 .87, where a motion was made and than passed.

Possible ways to increase attendance at intergroup to change time and day to meet was discussed.

Discussion on going to groups to find out why exactly there is such low attendance at Intergroup. Then figuring out what can be done to rectify the standing of Intergroup.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50