PI-CPC Meeting Minutes January 2016


Jan. 12, 2016

7 in attendance

KJ read traditions

Dec. minutes were approved



-KJ received lit Alyssa. Alyssa took inventory before transfer. No changes except for the literature given to Luke and Jessie for clergy panel.


-New balance is $383.07. No disbursements.


-No report. Alyssa will go next month.

Old Business:

-Luke gave report about meeting with clergyman from fire and police. It went great!

-KJ still has to ask libraries if there is a need for la vina.

-KJ got a contact for LPS. Alyssa is on it.

Russ E.

-KJ still hasn’t heard back from SCC.

-KJ contacted Brigham Young at UNL. He hasn’t gotten back yet.

-Weslyan still hasn’t gotten back with Stephanie.



New Business:

-Brandon will get a contact at UNL.

-Family Physicians Conference is on March 31-April 1. Need people.

-Motion to close at 7:04