Intergroup Meeting Minutes – January 2016

6:35pm Open Eric-12 tradition Chair-present, Bernice Treasure-Lindsey Hot line-not present Website-not present Secretary-Edward Minutes read Treasure report Discuss intergroup budget and how it is being distributive.
Lindsey treasure I had a problem with changing account over we need to discuss motion to change Dick’s name off of the account. Buy a flash drive for treasure the cost is $20.00 reimbursement made a motion to remove Dick off of the Pinnacle Bank account. Motion passed unanimously.
Central office- Still looking for new members for the board we lost two members. Inventory last Saturday went great, good number of people showed up to help with inventory.
Correction committee- New business: request for help for sign up sheets, need noon meeting for corrections. Planning to receive disbursement tonight of $50.87, will be given by Lindsey Sunday night.
Treatment: Trying to get building gaps back up again. New contact by The Bridge they didn’t get big books for Christmas, they will distribute 12 big books to The Bridge.
PICPC- Member from Seward tried to start PICPC in Seward. Old business Luke gave a good report. 20 packets given to Calvary library in Lincoln. Talks to LPS about DARE program for PICPC. Made contacts with the University no contacts back yet. Family physician conference in Omaha March 31-April 1, 2016. Treasure Alisha needs intergroup rep. Luke PICPC rep. They meet on the second Thursday of every month at the Highway Dinner at 6:00pm.
Hot Line not present.
Website not present.
District 21 Eric: We have $921.83, discuss to host four corner workshop. Pay rent $3 for ten months, meet at Bryan West the 3rd Sunday of every month at 4:30pm.
Intergroup rep: Kennsie Ladies big book study- Looking for a baby sitter for there meetings. Meeting is Mondays at 7:00pm. Attendance is really good. Alisha Women Meditation hour- Meeting on Sunday, discuss their distributing of money they had for awhile. Cindy Seeking Solution- Anniversary coming up on February 27, 2016 breakfast at 9:00am, speaker at 10:00am Mary L-P from Omaha. Tedda Watts Women Circle of Friends- Got a lot of women attending from treatment. Loren Fox Hole-Nothing to report, good attendance, been having good speakers. Bernice Sunday Good Neighbor meetings-12:15pm Need people to help with meeting with people from work release to decide if they are alcoholic or not. Kerra Sunday night workshop- Good attendance.
Old Business:Officers Committee chair Intergroup reps Who gets to vote? To vote you need to be a intergroup rep or chair person.Discuss about Area 41 treatment budget. Treatment committees- Starting to start bridging the gap at Saint Monica’s. Lots of women stay there who live outside of Lincoln.  Trying to reach them outside of treatment and extend A.A. to them went to 4 Area 4, travel expenses sometimes high and low she went with other so they split expenses. Motion to approve $210 for Area 4 half of the cost. Pending until next meeting.
Motion to take back to group. Pending New business: Reimbursements for flash drive $20 for Lindsey. New business: Group visits about Intergroup and what it is about. Meeting adjourned at 8:21pm..