Intergroup Meeting Minutes – August 2016

Intergroup Meeting July Minutes – August 26, 2016


Chairman: Bernice S.

Alt Chair: Eric

Secretary: Edward

Treasurer: Lindsay B.

Began the meeting @ 6:32 pm following the Serenity Prayer

The AA Traditions were read by: Andrea


Officers present: 4

Committees present: 4 (PICPC, Central Office, Hotline, Treatment)

Group chair members present: 6 (Young People, First 164, Ladies Big Book, How It Works, No Nonsense, Monday Night Stag)

Districts present: 1 (21)

Total People Present: 15

Minutes approved for July 2016

Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report:

Balance forward from July 2016:                            $2,114.06


Clocktower                        $   60.00

Lincoln Wildbunch                    $   90.00

Seeking Solutions                    $   65.00

Womens Circle of Friends                $   70.00

Sunday Night Workshop                $ 130.00

Total Contributions:                        $ 455.00


PICPC ½ of remaining disbursement    $ 343.13

Corrections 2 & 3 disbursement    $ 103.74

Total Expenses                $ 446.87

Ending Balance for August 2016                            $2,122.19

Reserve for 2016 Committee Budgets

Treatment        $   582.46

Corrections        $     51.89

Hotline            $     20.00

Website        $       1.95

PICPC            $   343.12

Intergroup        $     50.00

Total Commitments:        $1,049.42

**Intergroup’s Balance after Commitments to Committees:                 $ 1,072.77

**Will be sending out bi-annual report soon**

Thanks to the group that contributed this month! Please mail check to:

Mail checks to:

Lincoln Intergroup        State of Nebraska            GSO

P.O. Box 6366            Area 41                Grand Central Station

Lincoln, NE 68506        2350 P Street                PO Box 459

Lincoln, NE 68503            New York, NY 10163

Respectfully submitted in service, Lindsay B., Treasurer,  402.326.3005

Chair Report: Has been contacting facilities to find a replacement location for the Huddle. Bryan West changed their mind and said no. New option is: Our Savior Lutheran on 40th & C.

Alt Chair: Has been working on the format for the Huddle

Committee Reports:

Central Office Committee: (Neil)

Income     $6,197.93

Expenses     $6,703.47

Gain        ($  505.54)

Old Business: Members of the committee will meet & draw up a job description for assistant to Office Manager.

The search for CSO Board Member continues (really looking for females). An alanon member told Gayle she is interested and will be submitting a resume.

New Business: Archives Project – Lincoln AA History – Construction is nearing completion and it’s time to fill up the displays with donated and loaned items. Discussion about current status of these items. A motion was proposed regarding the disposition of Archives should CSO cease to exist or not want to oversee Archives.

We are in need of support and contributions from the AA community to continue having the Lincoln CSO and Archives and to hire additional office help. Do you want a CSO? Here’s what needs to be done to help out: It’s your AA Birthday — that’s a perfect time to give back to CSO with $1 or more for each year of sobriety as a Birthday contribution. Encourage your meeting groups to pass the basket an extra time just for Lincoln CSO. Consider remembering Lincoln CSO in your Wills and Estates.

Next Meeting: August 8, 2016

Corrections Committee: Not Present

Hotline committee: Beth V.

  • Beth has collected 8 full sheets of names and numbers
  • She’ll take them to Marcella at Central Office

Treatment Committee: Alyssa W.

  • Requesting reimbursement of $54.50 for Kara (Bridging the Gap chair) attending Area
  • Workshop coming up Oct 16, 1-4pm, 12 steps at Independent Center
    • Fliers coming
  • Bridging the Gap is going well; getting signup sheets from facilities regularly

PI/CPC Committee: Jessi H.

Attendance: 3

Balance:     $402.06

  • Received disbursement from intergroup in July — treasurer will deposit ($343.13)
  • Printed phone lists for committee members to pass around in groups — gathering numbers for District 32’s younger population (will return in Sept for D32 DCM)
  • Got all the bios for workshop turned in
  • Continued work with UNL to get meeting going. Still looking into the location, but time is firm on noon. Likely will get resolved before next PICPC meeting.
  • Contact SCC about coming out to speak again
  • Will contact the SuperFair about having a booth
  • Will put in a large order for literature for the workshop
  • Mental Health Awareness walk in September, PICPC will attend
    • Need to order old grapevines for the event

Website Committee: Not Present

District reports:

District 21: Eric F.

Nothing to report

Other Reports:

NCYPAA: Kensie

  • Lincoln hosting this year’s conference. Pre events happening.
  • They meet the 2nd Sunday of the month at 3pm, Highway Diner

New Meeting – No Nonsense Group: David

(stemmed from the LA and Omaha group)

Has 2 new meetings – fliers out

  • Plea for experienced AA members to attend meetings at the Bridge

Old Business:

Voting Item


  • Have quarterly?
  • Change the time or day so more people could attend
  • Focus less on true newcomers
  • Seems to be very split and voting item as written is not ready to be voted on
  • Chair has agreed to attend district meetings to discuss with DCMs and GSRs to help educate groups, etc.
  • Chair & Alt Chair will revise voting item and will send out to Intergroup members

Meeting Lists

Updates need to be given to Marcella by Sept. 1.

New Business:


Meeting closed at 8:10 p.m. and we all gathered for the Serenity Prayer.

The next meeting is Friday, September 30 @ 6:30 p.m. @ Willard Community Center-1245 S. Folsom St.

Respectfully Submitted,