Intergroup Meeting Minutes – September 2016

Intergroup Meeting September Minutes – September 30, 2016


Chairman: Not Present

Alt Chair: Eric

Secretary: Edward

Treasurer: Not Present

Began the meeting @ 6:31 pm following the Serenity Prayer

The AA Traditions were read by: Howard


Officers present: 2

Committees present: 5 (Central Office, Corrections, Hotline, PICPC, Treatment)

Group chair members present: 6 (Young People, First 164, Ladies Big Book, How It Works, Sunday Night Workshop, Monday Night Stag)

Districts present: 1 (21)

Total People Present: 16

Minutes approved for August 2016

Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report:

BALANCE FORWARDED FROM AUGUST 2016                    $2,122.19



LADIES BIG BOOK STUDY                $120.00

BRING YOUR OWN CUP                $27.50




Total Contributions:                        $147.50






Total Expenditures:                        $0.00



ENDING BALANCE FOR SEPTEMBER 2016                    $2,269.69




Treatment Committee            $582.46

Corrections                $  51.89

Hotline                    $  20.00

Website                $    1.95

PI/CPC                $343.12

Intergroup Committee            $  50.00


Total Budgeted Expenses:            $1,049.42



Thanks to the group that contributed this month! Please mail check to:

Mail checks to:

Lincoln Intergroup        State of Nebraska            GSO

P.O. Box 6366            Area 41                Grand Central Station

Lincoln, NE 68506        2350 P Street                PO Box 459

Lincoln, NE 68503            New York, NY 10163

Respectfully submitted in service, Lindsay B., Treasurer,  402.326.3005

Chair Report: Not Present

Alt Chair: Attended District 21 Meeting to present voting item for Huddle

Committee Reports:

Central Office Committee: (Neil)

  • Voting Item: what to do with Archives if CSO/Meeting Place was no more
  • Open House for Archives – Oct 2
  • New Meeting Lists will be in soon

Corrections Committee: (Joe)

Funds: Beginning balance of $159.86. Paid CO $30 for rent (July – December)

Ending Balance: $129.86

  • City County Jail: Some potential volunteers have submitted applications & are going through background checks
  • Community Corrections Center: Tuesday night men’s in-house 12 step study continues with a small but dedicated group of inmates
  • D&E: Attendance at Wednesday’s meeting is smaller. Facility has requested new literature (see new business)
  • RTC: Saturday night meeting is going well with a core group of 10-12 inmates

Old Business: NONE

New Business:

  • Bill requests 5 hardback Big Books for D&E. Motion made and passed.
  • Joe requests 2 hardback 12x12s for CCCL. Motion made and passed.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, Oct 4 at 6pm, room 2A, The Meeting Place (28th & S)

Hotline committee: Beth V.

  • Typed up all the sheets of names/numbers that were turned in and sent them to the answering service
  • She will take them to Marcella this week

Treatment Committee: Alyssa W.

  • Workshop coming up Oct 16, 1-4pm, 12 steps at Independent Center
    • Fliers are out

PI/CPC Committee: Jessi H.

Attendance: 7

Balance: $227.99

  • Ordered old grapevines for Mental Health Awareness walk ($54)
  • Ordered literature for CPC workshop ($463)
    • Luke will pick up lit at Area in Oct
  • IC Workshop was approved for CEUs
  • Phone lists given to District 32
  • Work on UNL Meeting continues. A few options for the location. Church by NE Bookstore is promising. Kj will contact before next meeting (St. Marks on the Campus Episcopal Church)
  • Contact SCC about coming out to speak again
  • SuperFair will reach out when new vendor info is available for 2017
  • Mental Health Awareness Walk coming up Sept 30 — Alyssa attending
  • Support for 5th Floor at St. Elizabeth’s (new PICPC member who works on this floor)
    • Discussion on how to help:
      • Meeting lists, grapevines, 20 questions pamphlet and 2 big books (Alyssa & Kj will get this for Ebony)
      • Ebony will ask how the committee can be helpful (having a Q&A session, etc?)
  • Discussion on education needed for St. Moncia’s (what AA does and doesn’t do)
  • Pockets donated some “This Is AA” pamphlets in Braille to the committee (after meeting disbanded)
    • Motion made to donate these to the Accessibilities committee at Area. (Motion passed)
    • Luke will take these to the committee chair in Oct.

Website Committee: Not Present

District reports:

District 21: Eric F.

  • Discussion of a winter workshop. Ideas welcome!

Old Business:

Voting Item

  • Continued discussion for a short time
  • Moved to a vote
    • Voting item passed (9 to 0)

New Business:

  • Committee Budgets due in October
  • Motion to move the November meeting up a week (due to Thanksgiving)
    • Passed: Meeting Nov. 18
  • Request for committee reps to bring printed copies of support (20 copies)
    • Discussion. Mentioned that this was a requirement in the Intergroup handbook?

Meeting closed at 7:21 p.m. and we all gathered for the Serenity Prayer.

The next meeting is Friday, September 30 @ 6:30 p.m. @ Willard Community Center-1245 S. Folsom St.

Respectfully Submitted,