Intergroup Meeting Minutes – December 2016

Intergroup Meeting December Minutes – December 30, 2016


Chairman: Bernice

Alt Chair: Eric

Secretary: Edward

Treasurer: Lindsay

Began the meeting @ 6:35 pm following the Serenity Prayer

The AA Traditions were read by: Kyra


Officers present: 4

Committees present: 4 (Central Office, Corrections, PICPC, Treatment)

Group chair members present: 6 (Big Book Bunch, Lady’s Booking It, Young People, Ladies Big Book, Seeking Solutions, Sunday Night Workshop)

Districts present: 1 (21)

Total People Present: 15

Minutes approved for November 2016

Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report:

BALANCE FORWARDED FROM AUGUST 2016                    $2,062.64


CONTRIBUTIONS:                                                    Total Contributions:                        $0.00



Huddle Rent                $60.00

Huddle Reimbursement        $37.41


Total Expenditures:                        $97.41


ENDING BALANCE FOR DECEMBER 2016                    $1,965.23




Treatment Committee            $    0.00

Corrections                $    0.00

Hotline                    $  20.00

Website                $    1.95

PI/CPC                $343.12

Intergroup Committee            $  10.00
Huddle                    $  72.59 (Original Budget: $170)


Total Budgeted Expenses:            $447.66



Thanks to the group that contributed this month! Please mail check to:

Mail checks to:

Lincoln Intergroup        State of Nebraska            GSO

P.O. Box 6366            Area 41                Grand Central Station

Lincoln, NE 68506        1130 H Street #504            PO Box 459

Lincoln, NE 68508            New York, NY 10163

**Temporary Change**

Respectfully submitted in service, Lindsay B., Treasurer

Chair Report: Bernice S.

  • 2nd Huddle, 1 in attendance
  • There are more fliers for people to pass around
  • Will review info from the conference in Kansas with Alt Chair soon

Alt Chair: Eric F.

  • Went to Central Office monthly meeting to represent Intergroup
    • Learned that Intergroup does not have bylaws
    • Learned CO hasn’t gotten Hotline #s
  • Will be reaching out to Area PI chair to learn about the answering service Area 41 uses

Committee Reports:

Central Office Committee: Neil

Income     $  9,538.41

Expenses     $10,187.87

Gain        $    (649.46)

  • Old Business: Board members continue to visit groups to thank them. Current list of meetings has been updated. It would be great to have some females resumes (or male) submitted for CSO Board Openings.
  • New Business: Some nominations were made for CSO Board Officers which will be voted on at December 15, 2016 meeting
  • Next Meeting: December 15, 2016

New Central Office Officers:

President: Clair M (Neil stepped down)

Vice President: Jerry K

Secretary: Fred M

Corrections Committee: Bill O.

    • Vacant Chair position
    • Treasurer: Beginning balance of $181.75. Reimbursed Bill $10.25 for the purchase of the CD A New Freedom  (Joe G. assigned the check for this). New balance is $171.25.


  • CCCL: The Tuesday night men’s in-house Twelve Step Study continues, with a small but steady core of inmates in attendance.


      • Christine Hinzan, a volunteer coordinator, is looking for someone to chair an in-house speakers’ meeting that would be for credit. Day and time negotiable. The facility would like the volunteer to be “off paper” for 1 or 1 ½ years, but that’s negotiable too. If you’re interested, contact Christine She’s available Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm.


  • D&E: Wednesday Night meeting goes well, usually with 12-15 inmates in attendance. Bill would like some help at this meeting – a backup volunteer who could cover for him when he’s unable to attend due to other AA service commitments. Call Bill if interested.
  • RTC: Saturday night meeting is going well, but Bill and the other volunteer would like some help –  a backup who can cover the meeting for them when they are unable to attend due to other AA service commitments. Call Bill if interested in volunteering.
  • Old Business: None.
  • New Business:


Semi-Annual Spending Report for July-December 2016:

  • July to December Rent to CO        $  30.00
  • Purchase of CD            $  10.25

Total Spending                $  40.25

Next Meeting: Tuesday, Jan 3 at 6pm, room 2A, The Meeting Place (28th & S)

Hotline committee: Not Present

Treatment Committee: Jason

  • Things are going well.
  • People are needed
  • Turned in budget
  • Lots of Bridging the Gap sign ups this month

PI/CPC Committee: Jessi H.

Dec. 13, 2016

5 in attendance
Alyssa read traditions


Secretary: Nov. minutes were approved
Chair: Nothing to report
Treasurer: Balance: $218.99  (Check for $9 to fedex for copies)

Literature: Need to do an inventory after all these events!

Old Business

UNL: First meeting was held 12/9. 3 people in attendance. Fliers coming.
IC Workshop: Feedback was provided. A few interesting comments that might be worth exploring. Jessi will follow up.

Luke will be reaching out to The Bay (they have interest in having a meeting in their building)

New business

  • Kj plans to reach out to SCC next quarter
  • Joey will be contacting Judges to see if we can be of use there
  • Learned about a potential opportunity next fall with a local nurses convention

Website Committee: Not Present

Old Business:

    • Budgets
      • Voted and all passed

New Business:

  • Date for NYCCPA → June 30-July 2

Meeting closed at 7:20 p.m. and we all gathered for the Serenity Prayer.

The next meeting is Friday, January 27 @ 6:30 p.m. @ Willard Community Center-1245 S. Folsom St.

Respectfully Submitted,