Intergroup Meeting Minutes – March 2017

Open at 6:33p.m.
3 officers present
1 committees rep. present
7 Intergroup rep. present
Treasurer report:
    Lindsey: Apologized for absent last week. She will make disbursement tonight if needed.
    Treasurer’s report: approved by group (11-0)
Chair Person Bernice:
    Last month will be at Willard Community Center. Construction will begin in June, looking for a new place to meet.
PICPC Jessie:
    6 in attendance
    New balance $103.91 (after copies for intergroup flyers)
    New Business: Booth at Super Fair next fall.
Lady Booking It:
    Will be moving to Independence Center soon, flyers will be made.
Old Business:
    Need new Hotline chair rep. Need sign up sheets to be passed around in the meeting.
Closed at 7:05p.m.
Next meeting April 28, 2017 at 6:30p.m. at Willard Community Center
at 1245 Folsom Street Lincoln, NE 68522
Respectfully Submitted by,
Edward Edmund