Intergroup Meeting Minutes – April 2017

Open at 6:35p.m.

3 Officers present
4 Committees representatives attended
5 Intergroup representatives attended
Eric read 12 Traditions
Secretory report (approved, no apposed)
Treasures report (approved, no apposed)
PICPC: Kristen
    Got the check for the State Fair booth. Working on distrusting more flyers around. Reached out to the Faith Community.
Corrections: Bill O.
    Balance $143.40
    Paid $30.00 rent at meeting place
    Paid $68.37 to central office for the 3 paperback Vietnamese Big Books and 2 paperback Spanish Big Books.
    New Balance $45.03
Website: Shawn
    Everything is updated and got the links to the Central office.
Special Event Committee:
    George moved to Omaha for two years but need to get somebody here in Lincoln to be in the Special Event Committee. Bank account is still in her name and she needs to turn it over. Motion to take over Special event fund to Intergroup (11-0) approved. Nate and Brock volunteered for the Special Event Committee.
Alt Chair: Eric
    No attendee at the Huddle this month or and last month but still going, might be an annual event.
Old Business:
    New place for Intergroup= Found new place to meet for Intergroup next month. Saint James United Methodist 11th Lake street, use the upper section of the church.
    No charge for rent but contribution is accepted. Motion to meet next month at Saint James at 6:30p.m. (12-0) passed.
Old Business: Hotline chair is still vacant.
Closed at 7:25 p.m.
Next meeting is at 6:30 p.m. on 05/26/17 location Saint James Methodist Church on 11th and Lake street (young people’s)
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