Intergroup Meeting Minutes- October 2017

October Minutes
Open 6:33pm
18 attendance
Shawn 12 traditions
Secretary report-Approved
Treasures report-Reimbursement from Willard Community Center for $120.00. All in motion.
Intergroup chair-Bernice- Eric resigned from alt. chair, got the flyer for voting for next month. Needs groups budgets for voting next year 2018.
Corrections-Bill- Group balance of $183.22 still need more female volunteers.
PICPC- Jessie- Net this month got a new person so five people now. Balance of $301.76 got disbursement and has a small discrepancy so Alyssa will figure it out. Still working with the Independence Center with their workshop.
Treatment-Lucy- Will give budget to treasures, postponed their election for this month for lack of volunteers they will be at Bryan Treatment Center 11/12/17 at 1:00pm for elections. They need help.
Website-Shawn- Got new meeting list on website, $40.44 A.A, domain for a whole year. Reached out to Central office no response back about updates to their minutes.
Special Events-Brock-Need help with food and volunteers for the holiday on Dec. 29, 2017, ideas or just how to plan the event. Call Brock 402-418-1448.
District 29-Kristina- New officers elected.
Old Business- Flyers for voting approved all in motion.
Closed 7:35pm
Next meeting on November 17th at 6:30pm. Saint James Methodist Church 2400 S. 11th
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