Intergroup Meeting Minutes – January 2018


January 2018 – 11 Present

Open 6:31 with Serenity Prayer

Scott W. read Traditions

Last month’s minutes – All in favor

Treasurer’s Report – $4,196.72 Balance – Available Funds – $1096.61

Corrections –Community Corrections Center-Lincoln (state work release) needs volunteers to take inmates out to local meetings. Contact the facility regarding the orientation or contact Bill O.

Treatment Not Present

PICPC – Read January Minutes

Hotline Brock –  Recreating Sign-up sheet to include last names.  Will talk to central office about how to make it better

Website – Not Present

Special Event- Not present.  Brock – looking for members to join committee.  Go to Brock with any questions.

Dist 3 – Not present

Dist 21 – Not present

Dist 22 – Rep out of town.  Conversation about intergroup PO Box – Who is on PO Box contact sheet?  Charlie will find out.  

Dist 29 New Officers – Area meeting votes – Safety Card – Discuss Grapevine 2 nights, Literature 1 night

Area Reunions – June 1 -3 Columbus $15 until April 15th.  Speaker – Trustee @ Large from Canada

Safety Card read aloud to familiarize those present.

Bill Chair – Intergroup seriously loose on report getting out in the reasonable amount of time.  Printed Reports brought to Intergroup and digital copies sent to the secretary are important.  Don’t dump on intergroup secretary – speed is essential.  Needs to be done in a day or so.  We can improve.     Two things that often hamper good discussion – side talk and chaotic discussion.  Bill and Charlie now on checking account. Visited the Central Office Board Meeting.  Informed that would get more timely updates.  

Lindsay: Did Shawn and Elayne get together to switch over access?  Unsure

No Old Business

New Business

Central Office websites states that Intergroup meetings still on Fridays.  

Brock: Is there a way to check to see if all meetings on meeting list still exist?  

Lindsay: 2 years ago we checked to make sure that all meetings were still in existence.  

Close at 7:20