Intergroup Meeting Minutes – February 2018

February 22, 2018

14 people in attendance.

Traditions read by Sean

Minutes read by Bill

Treasures Report, Charlie: The beginning balance is $3758.00, ending balance is $3,655.20, with available funds of $993.79. The only difference is the outstanding check from PICPC, which was deposited 12/29/2017 and cleared 01/01/2018. Charlie will be going to the mailbox once a month so checks will be deposited once a month. The $3665.20 includes shell money for special events. The PO Box is now in Charlie’s name.

Corrections, Bill: The corrections committee is in serious need of volunteers – men and women. There were two meetings per week but the now they are down to one.

Treatment Committee, Kelly: The group got a secretary, LaDonna L. The committee is working on a list of all treatments centers offering Bridging the Gap. They are currently looking for Bridging the Gap contacts as they are currently needing 25 contact per month. The Bridging the Gap meeting is the Second Sunday of every month at 1:00 pm in the basement of the Independence Center. Contact Kelly L with any questions. They are currently looking to move toward a paperless system.

PICPC , Alyssa – Alyssa read the minutes. Kjerstin is currently doing an inventory of all the literature. They are currently contacting KVC, Jenda, and Better Living (Child Advocacy centers) to give them information about AA

Hotline, Brock – Brock spoke with Russ from the central office/hotline and asked what he wanted on the hotline sheet. He is looking for Last Name’s, day’s people are available, and if they are able to give rides. The answering service will not have this information, just Russ. Lindsay brought up that the hotline chair used to have hotline details, like how many calls the hotline was getting per month. Brock is going to talk to Russ to see if we are able to get those details. Bill asked if they are temporary sign-up sheets that only go for a period of time, as opposed to signing up indefinitely. It was also asked if there is a sobriety commitment, which there is not.

Website, Shawn filling in for Elayne – All of the website information has been transferred to Elayne. The website chair is no longer getting updates from the Central Office. It was also confirmed that Intergroup meeting dates were listed incorrectly on the website.

Special Events, Brock – Brock brought up the idea of a service workshop that shows off all of the committees. It is possible that this workshop could be held during the 4th of July Event.

District 3 – No one Present

District 21, Brian – There is one new member, leaving them at 6 or 7 people. There is about a $1000.00 balance in their treasury.

District 22- Nothing to report.

District 29, Chris – The committee is currently engrossed in planning the reunion. The reunion is June 1st – 3rd in Columbus NE. The cost is $15.00.

Chair, Bill – The members of intergroup are still being very lose about printing reports. We need to see how Elayne wants to receive the reports, whether she wants to scan them herself or have them emailed to her? The first priority is making sure the meeting list is updated on the website, which we will take time to work on during the next meeting. We will go through the meeting list and send people to check on the status of the meetings. Steve U. is the new Alcathon chair. Currently the seed money is in a personal account, but they are looking to open an Alcathon account.

New Business – Central Office is no longer trying to create a new website. It was discussed the possible combining of intergroup and central office website with the idea of having shared meeting lists– this was tabled for next meeting.