PICPC Report – April 2018

PICPC Committee Notes


  • Chris L. read traditions
  • Secretary (Kjerstin E.): Alyssa read old minutes.  Minutes were approved and 2nd.
  • Chair (Alyssa W.): Alyssa attended Intergroup as the PICPC Committee representative, and to give the committee’s report.  Also will be getting in touch with Doug K from DHHS to see about possible ways the committee may work with the state. 
  • Treasurer (Luke H.): Luke was not present, but stated there was no change from last month.
  • Literature (Jessi H.): Kjerstin will be transferring the literature to Jessi this month.
  • Intergroup: Alyssa attended in March, and communicated the report from Intergroup to the PICPC Committee (see Intergroup minutes).  
  • Old Minutes:
  • Alyssa did not yet contact Doug K from DHHS, but will do so by next month.
  • Cindy is drafting a letter to send to Stephen’s Ministry about ways the PICPC Committee can be of service to the group.  Cindy will also send the letter to KVC, Jenda, Cedars, Better Living (providers who support DHHS workers).
  • Luke will touch bases with the chaplains to see about ways the PICPC Committee can be of service.
  • Workshop 5/23 1:00-4:00: 
  • All speakers have been confirmed.  One speaker change for traditions, it is now Steve U.  The speakers are now: Steve U. – Traditions; Erika – Service; Mallory – Transitioning from Treatment to AA; Carter – Fellowship; Jeremy – Sponsorship.
  • Cara G. will be emailing Jessi about Bridging the Gap info to provide to the professionals at the workshop.  


  • New Minutes: