Intergroup Meeting Minutes – May 2018

May Intergroup Meeting

May 31, 2018 – Start at 6:30 PM – 14 in attendance

Traditions: Read by Ryan

April minutes read by Lindsay

  • Motion to pass
  • 2nd received
  • Minutes passed


  • No adjustments to April preliminatry report
  • 4 contributions received in May
  • No expenses
  • See May 2018 Treasurer’s report for additional information
  • Typo in May 2018 report – it should read forward from April 2018 (instead of March 2018)


  • Chair is still vacant; lookiong for volunteers
  • City/state needs potential female volunteers
  • June meting is postponed to June 12 (2nd Tuesday of the month)
  • Scrubbed monthly report sent to web chair


  • Balance is $496.19
  • Discussed PI posters/cards at last meeting – why it is not considered promotion
    • Committee asked for feedback as it relations to promotion vs attraction
    • Discussion held: we are an anonymous society; not a secret society


  • No report


  • No report


  • Renewed website for another year for $155.88
  • Website address –
  • Discussed what fliers can be posted to website; feedback included: no names on the flier, event would need to have a meeting, fliers associated with district or group events
  • Web chair advised of where the website shows Intergroup meets on Friday; it will be updated to read Thursday

Special Events:

  • Need help with the raffle – it would be helpful if groups donated
  • 3 committees – give a several minute talk before speaker; table inside shelter with brochures/ways to contact the committee.

District 3: No report

District 21: Still planning Unity picnic; VanDorn Park on July 28. Food at 11:30; meeting from 12-3. Still planning speakers

District 22: Still looking for Intergroup Rep; fall workshop related to Grapevine being planning; district voted to allow groups planning events/anniversary to ask district for raffle donation 

District 29: last meeting included conversation regarding sales tax topic at the Area level; planning Reunon. DCM going to meetings to confirm meetings are still in existence.

Old Business: None

New Business:

  • Intergroup Chair: DCM from District 3 inquired if district could use old Huddle presentation/information material. 
    • Discussion as to what Huddle was (monthly presentation about Lincoln service structure that was discontinued 09/2017)
    • Motion to share material with District 3
      • 2nd
      • Motion passed
    • Discussion as to whether previous Huddle material could be uploaded to website 
      • Material will be reviewed by several Intergroup members to confirm GSO approved material
  • District 21 inquired if leftover funds, do committees purchase literature for facilities, etc; advised yes

Closed at 7:17 PM