2019-12 Intergroup Minutes

Attendance: 14 present

Moment of silence, Serenity Prayer.

Traditions read.

Minutes read. Correction needed and notated. Minutes passed after correction.


  • Beginning balance: $6,730.77
  • (4) group contributions of $451.91 + $174.05 from Special Events Holiday Party; totaling $625.96 
  • (2) expenses, totaling $330.00
  • Ending check book balance: $7,026.73
  • Ending bank balance: $7,206.73
  • Available funds (checkbook balance less remaining budgeted funds): $5,967.57


  • Balance is $304.64
  • Overview:
    • Biggest needs are at City County Jail and CCCL.
    • City County Jail – needs male and female volunteers
    • CCCL – need male and female drivers to volunteer
    • D&E – 2 new volunteers completed orientation; need volunteer for Monday night meeting
    • RTC – facility has been in lockdown the last (3) weeks; need part-time volunteer to fill-in as needed
  • Next committee meeting is January 7, 6 pm in Room 3A at the Meeting Place

Special Events

  • Holiday Party
    • Lower attendance than 2018
    • Expenses were $150; brought in $174.05.
  • Alcathon
    • Dec 31 at the Meeting Place/Mason Building
    • Speakers, food, sound system all finalized.
    • Flier is available
    • Meal and dance will be held at Mason Building (next to the Meeting Place); speakers will be at Meeting Place. 
  • Next committee meeting is January 8, 8:30 pm at the Meeting Place – Basement


  • Not present
  • Next committee meeting is January 12, 1 pm in the Independence Center basement


  • Balance is $96.86.
  • Literature provided to new Literature chair; inventory will be conducted.
  • Currently in discussion with following to see how PICPC can be of service: Drug court, Big Brother/Big Sisters, TeamMates, SCC (Human Services & LDAC), Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Regional Center.
  • Contacting Independence Center for bi-annual workshop.
  • Next committee meeting is January 14, 6 pm at the Hwy Diner (Hwy 2)


  • Committee met December 10.
  • Going through weekly emails to compile list of names of those not answering hotline calls; committee will contact the names to determine if they would like to remain on call list.
  • Committee would like to start reaching out to groups to cover hotline timeslots for a (3) month period. 
    • Intergroup discussion – this is how Hotline used to organize volunteers; committee has not yet determined how or will groups will be approached, this will be discussed at next Hotline meeting
  • Next committee meeting is January 21, 6:30 pm at Meadowlark

Web Chair –

  • Not present

District Reports

  • District 3: Not present
  • District 21: Not present
  • District 22: 
    • Moved meeting to January 8th to go over Area voting items before Area on Jan 11th
      • Pizza will be provided for incoming GSRs and groups interested in learning more about District 22
      • Flier forthcoming.
    • Treasury not reported.
  • District 29: Not present

Old Business

  • Motion made to table discuss Intergroup/Service work Facebook group
    • 2nd received, motion passed.
  • Continued conversation about taking meetings/literature to nursing homes. District 22 has tabled conversation until additional information can be gathered by individual prompting conversation.

New Business

  • Motion made to remove current Treasurer and Intergroup Chair from Intergroup’s bank account and to add 2020-2021 Treasurer and Intergroup Chair to Intergroup’s bank account.
    • 2nd received, motion passed.
  • Motion made to include last names in minutes presented to bank to remove/add names.
    • 2nd received, motion passed.
  • Motion made to table elections for Alt-Chair until next month.
    • 2nd received, motion passed.
  • Motion made to approve 2020 budget in totality, noting Special Events asked for a total of $2,000 ($500 for Alcathon and $1,500 for other events).
    • 2nd received, motion passed.

Meeting closed at 7:13 pm.