2020-01 Intergroup Minutes

Attendance: 17 present

Traditions Read.

December 2019 minutes read and approved.


  • Beginning balance: $7026.73
  • 6 Group Contributions: $807.34
  • 0 Expenses
  • Checkbook/Bank balance as of 1/28/20: $7834.07
  • Available Funds (checkbook balance – remaining budgeted funds): $2663.93

Corrections – Next meeting 2/4/20 @ Meeting Place 6pm

  • No Report

Special Events – Next meeting 2/5/20 @ Meeting Place 8:30pm

  • Alcathon
    • Money Collected: $525
    • Expenses: $300 (facilities), $170 Chili
    • Attendance was good
  • Open Mic Night coming up 3/28/20 @ Meeting Place 6:30pm $5 suggested donation (Flyers distributed)


  • The old email lincaa.webmaster@gmail.com has been abandoned due to failure to pass on the login and password. The “Contact Us” page option to “Email Webmaster” now links to a valid email address.
  • Has been making some updates to the website
  • Working to reformat the current meeting list into a database table in order to use a plugin to display the meetings. See www.seattleaa.org/meetings for format.
  • Any interest in having the Lincoln Intergroup Meeting list in the Meeting Guide App? (New Business)

Treatment – Next meeting 2/9/20 @ Independence Center Basement 1pm

  • No Report

PI/CPC – Next meeting 2/11/20 @ Highway Diner 6pm

  • Balance: $96.86
  • Currently processing inventory with new chair, have identified pamphlets to order
  • Continuing to work on public service announcement
  • Continuing work with local organizations: do not have a contract with Big Brothers Big Sisters, continuing work with TeamMates, Nebraska Commission for the Blind is determining if we can be of service to them, continued work with Regional Center, potential future work with Project Connect and Clinic with a Heart. In communication with Independence Center for the next workshop for professionals. Will be speaking with SCC for LDAC/human services programs.

Hotline – Next meeting 2/18/20 @ Meadowlark 630pm

  • Might consider changing answer service company, Evoice.com suggested
  • Flyer created and reviewed by Intergroup
  • Received mixed input from groups regarding time slots being filled by groups
  • Soliciting individuals and groups to fill time slots for Hotline Service Position

District Reports

  • District 3 – Next meeting 2/4/20 @ Eisley library 630pm.
    • Nothing to report
  • District 21 – Next meeting 2/16/20 @ Bryan West (in main entrance down the stairs to the left)
    • Balance: $2100ish
    • Workshop discussion: 4 workshops in 2020, 3 hosted by District 21, 1 in collaboration with District 22 for Delegate’s Report after GSC
  • District 22 – Next meeting 2/19/20 @ St. Matthew’s Episcopal 645pm
    • Pizza Party was had in January to welcome new GSRs
    • No change in balance
  • District 29 – Not Present

Intergroup Chair

  • Attended Central Office Board Meeting – More to come at March meeting

Old Business

  • Intergroup Facebook Group – Discussion had regarding necessity and potential tradition violation
  • Nursing Home(s) in need of support – Has been taken care of by a group that was contacted by a specific nursing home

New Business

  • Motion made to put Intergroup Meeting List on Meeting Guide App
    • Discussion had to clarify if Intergroup Meeting specifically or the Meeting List as compiled by Intergroup
    • 2nd received, motion passed
  • Motion made to recommend Lincoln to place bid to host the 2023 WCRAASC
    • Discussion had
    • 2nd received, motion passed