District 21 – July 2011

July 17, 2011

Traditions read by Zach L.

Officer Reports
Secretary’s Report (Michael F .):
Treasurers Report (Jay D.):
Beginning Balance $311.99

In $36.25 (groups)

Out $10.00 (rent)

Ending Balance: 348.24

Intergroup Liaison Report (Emily S.at family reunion). No report.

DCM report:

District boundaries agenda item: Amy is still under the gun to write a rough
draft. Time consuming process.

GSR Reports:
1. Pocket of Enthusiasm (Steve U.): Attendance good, good speakers, paying the bills.

2. Sufficient Substitute (Sam R.): Not much to report, everything remains the same,
doing alright, trying to contact area treasure as checks are not being cashed.

3. Women’s Circle of Friends (Jennifer R): 20 in attendance, will change “Child care” to “children welcome” in the new meeting list, because they do not always have children come which makes funding a babysitter risky. Instead, they will use money to offer scholarship for more women to attend AA functions.

4. Young People’s (Zach L. alt): Zach is the new alt. GSR. He reported that all positions are filled and everything is moving smoothly. The group will be participating in the Unity picnic, and Jeremy E. the GSR, will be speaking.

5. Cafeteria Group (Tom B. at family reunion):

6. Spiritual Actions (Emily S. at family reunion):

7. Seeking Solutions (Jon R.): Steady, good attendance. We are going to disburse 7th
tradition. We are going to organize a service workshop to increase participation in
the AA service structure. Date to be announce, planned for September or October.

8. The Steps We Take (Linda S.): Not much change, but they do have a new secretary.
Attendance is steady around 15. The meeting has couches.

District 21 Business

Old business:

1. District boundaries/Adhoc committee. Amy is still working on a rough draft of an
agenda item.

2. Unity Picnic will be August 13th -1:00 – 4:00 PM Van Dorn Park. There are new
flyers, and we have speakers listed. Bob M and Sam are bringing gas grills w/propane.
Linda is going to bring buns from Steps we Take. Michael has Sams Club membership
and can be used. Held from 1 to 4, can start set up before 12:30 and start grilling. Will
have fellowship/eating from 1 to 2, and speakers from 2-4 pm. Shelter seats about 35 to
40. We have 8 speakers so far. Approx 15 min per speakers.
Motion: to have a donation basket at the district event.
Discussion – none
3 in favor, 4 opposed
No minority voice
Motion failed

3. Open positions, alt-DCM. Our DCM is expecting a baby and may run into problems
with Sept. or Nov. Area assembly, although she is planning to go. Ideally, the alt. DCM
should have already served as GSR and have 4 to 5 years of sobriety. Please take this
back to the groups again. We will need to make a decision about this in August, 2011, to
ensure we have a voting member present at remaining Area 41 Assemblies.

4. District 21 manning Coffee booth for Sept., 2011 Area 41 Assembly. Our volunteers are
Michael F., Bob M., Lori G., Kari F., Steve U. and possibly Zach L.

5. Area 41 Voting items-will be voted on at August meeting. Went over last month, and

are voting on them in August. Discussed in a very brief, overall manner to ensure
understanding by the GSR’s present. DCM or GSRs can always call the chair of the
committee to research if there are questions.

Motion to start the August 21th meeting with the voting items
No discussion
All in favor, none opposed. Motion passed.
New business


Next business meeting will be held August 21, 2011