District 21 – March 2010

March 21st, 2010

Opened at 4:30pm with Demetra reading the 12 Traditions

Officer Reports

Secretary’s Report (Matt S.):Approved As read

Treasurers Report (Jay D.): No money has been received from groups this month.

Beginning balance $128.57
Ending balance $128.57

Discrepancy between bank statement and check register. Jay will be looking into the matter to determine problem.

Intergroup Liaison Report (Jim C. dropped off report, Amy Z. reported, Jim C. will no longer be able to act as Intergroup Liaison)

Treasury- Ending balance: 2153.68

Webpage-new website launched. https://lincaa.org/

Special events-Reserved Bethany park for 4th of July picnic.

Hotline- Cynthia H. stepped down as hotline chair this week. Will find replacement.

Corrections- No report.

GSR Reports:

  1. Pocket of Enthusiasm (Steve U.): Nothing to report, attendance steady
  2. Seeking Solutions (Jon R.): Good attendance, 80-90 per week, anniversary went well. Old timer’s forum probably in May.
  3. Spiritual Actions (Emily S., Kirk M. reported): Things going well.
  4. Sufficient Substitute (Sam R.): Attendance steady, things going well.
  5. Women’s Circle of Friends (Jennifer R., Ronda reported): Steady 20-30 women, 3 scholarship for women’s tree house retreat, April 23-25 in Gretna. More treatment women attending looking for sponsorship.
  6. Cafeteria Group (Tom B.): Will use round tables instead of conference type seating to try to get “cafeteria feel” back.
  7. 11th Step on Sunday (Reni B.): Things running normal, nothing new.
  8. Practical Applications (Brian D.): New open meeting at Walt Library at 6:30pm Thursdays. Hoping to get information listed in the AA meeting list soon, but the location may change soon. About 17 people attend the meeting.
  9. Young Peoples (Jeremy E. reporting for Cari S.): Attendance is good.

DCM Report (Amy Z.):

Meeting visits: Amy visited the following meeting- Practical Application Group, Walt Library. The group is in the process of getting registered with Area 41/GSO. In total, three previously unregistered meetings that Amy has visited are now in the process of getting registered.

District Boundary “Assignment” (assigned by Area Secretary): Amy has compiled district boundary maps for the city of Lincoln and Lancaster County. These are rough drafts and are based on information Amy obtained from the Area Newsletter and Area Archives. Amy was recently asked (by Area Secretary) to create an Omaha detailed district map and a Nebraska district map, according to boundary descriptions turned in by DCMs.

International Conference: Amy would like to attend the International conference, but doesn’t know yet if she can afford it.

Letter from GSO concerning contributions-Amy made copies of this and will hand these out at the district meeting.

March Area Assembly—Amy is unable to attend because her daughter is in town; Demetra will attend in her place.

District 21 Business

Old business:

1. Area 41 Voting Items-The next Area Assembly will be March 27-28th, 2010

AGENDA ITEM #006, 1/16/10, Public Information, VOTE.
Area 41 to discontinue its participation at the Nebraska State Fair effective for the 2010 State Fair unless a waiver for an unmanned booth is approved by the State Fair Board.

Item passed–6 for, 5 against

AGENDA ITEM: #007, 01/16/10, Agenda, VOTE Select an Area 41 District to host the Area 41 2011 Reunion

No vote necessary for this item, unless we want to host the Area 41 2011 Reunion, which we don’t.

2. District 21 workshop planning.

Not much feedback from groups concerning proposed topics:
a. Getting newcomers involved
b. Sponsorship (in relation to steps and traditions)
c. A vision for you (page 164). Hold this workshop the same weekend as the International Conference which has the same topic.

Money—Still some question about how much money is available to the district, at this point it appears the district only has about $150, of which most of will be used to reimburse alt. DCM for upcoming Area Assembly.

****Motion: Table discussion on workshop until money is available for a workshop.
Vote: motion passed unanimously.

New business:

1. Proposed Area Agenda items. Sufficient substitute meeting proposed two Area 41 agenda items that they would like District 21 to present at the March 2010 Area

Proposed Area Agenda Item 1:
“Incorporate the conference committee on agenda into the agenda item selection process for the General Service Conference.”

***Motion: Table discussion on proposed Area agenda item 1 until GSRs are able to take this information back to their groups and get input.
***Motion passed 7 to 1. Sam R. will email Amy Z. the proposed Area agenda item and the background information on it, so Amy can forward this to District 21 GSRs.

Proposed Area Agenda item 2: “Have Area archives reconsider their scopes and responsibilities.”
***Motion: Table discussion of the proposed Area agenda item 1, until Sam R. is able to provide more specific information as to what parts of the Archives scope and responsibilities need changing, and why.
Motion initially passed 8 to 2. Minority voice spoke. Motion passed 7 to 2 (revote).

Closed 5:51 pm