Intergroup – August 2011

Lincoln Intergroup
PO Box 6366
Lincoln, NE 68506

Chairman: Kirk
Vice Chairman: Bob B.
Secretary: Brian D.
Treasurer: Dick S.

Began the meeting @ 6:35 pm
The AA Traditions were read by: Ron

Roll was taken:
Officers present: 2
Committees present: 6
Group chair members present: 8
District present: 3

Minutes approved for July 2011
District reports:
Bernice (03) – N/A

Jessie (22) – Reviewed voting items. Discussed Intergroup and possibly
doing a workshop.

Emily  (21) – Balance $320.41. Held Unity Picnic and had pretty good
attendance. About 40 people. Filled position of alt-DCM (Jennifer R.).
Discussed District boundaries and other items that will be voted on in

Albert S. (29) – Balance $301.18. Discussed voting items.

Treasurers Report:

Balance forward: $ 3,830.09
Contribution: $0
Expenses: $0
Ending working Balance: $3,830.09
Ending Bank Statement $3,570.09 (outstanding deposit $130.75)
Thanks to the groups that contributed.

Mail checks to:
Lincoln Intergroup
P.O. Box 6366
Lincoln, NE 68506
Respectfully your servant, Dick S., Treasurer

Committee Reports:
Central Office Committee: Jim C. –

Minutes approved.
Income: $6,641.00
Expenses: $3,264.08
Gain: $3,376.92

Office Manager’s Report:
193 calls
2 twelve step calls

Old business: none
New business: Discussion regarding the Treasurer position. Discussion
will be continued at next month’s meeting.

Lincoln AA Corrections Committee: Ron R. –  Chad will bring full
report to next meeting. Balance approximately $250. Group was recently
able to purchase books. Although they did not request budget in
January, they will be submitting a budget request for next year.

Hotline committee:
Calls – 66
45 call were for meeting information
21 were 12 Step calls
51 calls were not answered by volunteers

MEMBERS: if you will notice there are numbers and information on the
back of the sign-up sheet to further assisting the groups and our

PI/CPC Committee: –Took books to libraries and will soon be taking
books to adult probation. Planning a workshop with the Independence
Center in the future. They are actively trying to recruit new members.
Please spread the word.

Treatment Committee: Paid rent and bought books with disbursement money.

Website Committee: Ron E.
Visits to the site – 1526
Page view – 3290

  • Meetings – 65%
  • Home page – 11%
  • Events page – 5.5%

Recent recent email blasts:
July 2011 meeting minutes. 21 recipients. 10 opens.
August meeting reminder. 23 recipients. 8 opens.
Users can subscribe to email blasts on the homepage of website.

Special Events Committee: Matt C. – N/A

For more info on all committee reports visit

Old Business:
PI/PCP committee withdraw their request for disbursement. They will
submit a budget request in January.

New Business:
Ron R. asked for the Intergroup Description document that was created
by Tom, the previous Intergroup Chair.
Message from Monday Night Stag group discussing their contribution to
Sunday Night Workshop asked how to set up an A.A. Anniversary party.
Chair said we can bring up to Special Events Committee.

Meeting closed at 7:10 PM, and we all gathered for the Serenity Prayer.
The next meeting is August 26th @ 6:30 @ Willard Community Center-1245
S. Folsom St.

Pleased to be at your service: Brian D.