District 29 – March 2013

March 12, 2013
Opened at 6:35pm.

Traditions were read by: Albert S.

4 Officers Were Present
DCM – Albert S.
Intergroup – Stacy N.
Secretary – Sheila H.
Treasurer – Luke F.

2 Groups were Present
Back to Basics Group
Life Preserver Group

Secretary’s Report: Sheila H.
February 12, 2013 Minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report: Luke F. – Balance 278.30

Intergroup Report: Stacy N.
Intergroup meeting was canceled for February; no one had a key to get in.

DCM Report: Albert S.

PI Committee at area 41: the committee went over the G.S.C. agenda items. The State Fair Booth is being reserved. They discussed forming a sub-committee for the State Fair Booth.
The Area 41 hotline received 107 calls, 80% were for information, and they discussed how to handle the Hearing Impaired and Spanish Speaking community. There was mention that as an example, District 20 spends 12k/year.
Albert passed out a Hot-line signup sheet for our District.
Area went over the GSC Agenda items for their committees.
Area Voting Item results:

VOTE: AGENDA ITEM 2013-01-12 001 Agenda

Select the District(s) to host the 2014 Area 41 Reunion.
District 22 bid to host the 2014 Area 41 Reunion. They were the only ones and will be hosting the 2014 reunion.


Area 41 select the location for the 2015-2016 Area 41 Meeting Weekends and Reunions.

19 Votes at Area 41 Midtown Holiday Inn Grand Island NE
Room Rate for both years 2015 – 2016
$89.00 Room / $159.00 Suite (for single/double/triple/quad occupancy plus applicable taxes)
All audio/visual equipment at no charge – All meeting room space per event (weekend) fees waived – Complimentary sleeping room for every 40 rooms actualized – 1st five gallons of coffee free (approx $23/gal including tax and gratuity)

17 Votes at Area 41 Sandhills Convention Center North Platte NE
Room Rate for both years 2015 – 2016
$68.99 (for single/double/triple/quad occupancy plus applicable taxes) $98.99 for Suite
All meeting room space per event (weekend) fees waived – Two Complimentary Two Room Suites per night –
Complimentary Hospitality Suite – Coffee Free – Free Hot Breakfast

VOTE: AGENDA ITEM 2013-01-12 003 Agenda – Area 41 Vote: This item Passed 29 For – 3 Against

Amend the Area 41 Reunion Guidelines to add the following line to the end of the “Speakers” section: 5 It is suggested that two hours be scheduled for the Area 41 Delegate’s Report from the General Service Conference, preferably on Saturday afternoon.