District 3 – June 2013

June 4, 2013

Opened at 7:00 pm.
Traditions were read by: Bob M.

3 Officers Were Present
4   Meetings were Present

DCM –  Bob M.
Intergroup –  Mark S.
Secretary –    Sheila H.

John C.   How It Works  Group
Sheila H.  Lincoln Foxhall Group
Dave D.   Matt Talbot Group
Diane H.   60 Minutes

Secretary’s Report: Sheila H. May 7, 2013 District 3 Meeting Minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report: Darrell W. Balance Forward ~ $625.89

Darrel has asked if there was anyone that would be willing to assist with his position, or if the group would like to elect a new treasurer, as there are circumstances that are not allowing him to attend the District 3 meetings on a regular basis.

Intergroup Report: Mark S.  (For full details, full report can be found on lincaa.org )

Balance forward is $1315.82.  Central Office said that they are attending meetings to talk about what Central Office is.  The VA wants contact information for newly released vets/patients.  Corrections Committee has a request by the York Women’s Facility for Big Books, which they are fulfilling.   Hot line had 87 Calls, 63 to get information, 24 wanting to speak to a volunteer; it took 52 calls to get those 24 calls answered.  Treatment Committee is still looking for help.  Events committee is working the July 4th Picnic and working on baskets to raffle.

DCM Report: Bob M.  Bob went to the Area 41 Reunion.  He said that in the Delegates report he said that they will not be changing the 11th Tradition, and he mentioned that it was written before TV, and it is implied.  Bob said that there were great speakers.  Bob M. said he talked to Bob who is the Workshop Chair for Area 41 and discussed having Literature, Grapevine and Archives at our 4 Corners Workshop.

Old Business:

4 Corners Workshop will cost $100.00 for the Meeting Place, Topics for the workshop were chosen, Diversity, 3rd Tradition and 7th Tradition.

New Business:

Mark S. has offered to meet with Darrell and see if he can be of assistance, and possibly keep up with the information for the District’s account.  Mark said that he will meet with Darrell when he gets back into town.

The Group discussed the possibility of getting a PO Box for the District.  Sheila said that she will follow up on the cost of a PO box for the group to discuss and vote on at the July District 3 meeting.  There was a general discussion of anonyminity in the meetings.

Group discussion about how much is available for food for the 4 corners workshop.  Who could be speakers for the topics that have been chosen.  Area 41 Workshop should be able to cover the $100 for the Meeting Place and the workshop will be from 1 to 4 on September 28, 2013.   There was discussion of what type of help we could ask from groups for this event.

Group Reports:

How It Works Group John C.  – (Sunday – Saturday 10:00PM – Lincoln) John is the new GSR for the Group.  The group has voted to stay in District 3.  The group is going great and there is good attendance at the meetings.  The group has voted in an alternate GSR (John O.), and has also elected an event Chair Person so the group can start doing events again.  John attended the Area 41 Reunion and had a good time.

60 Minutes Group Diane H. – (Sunday 10:15AM – Lincoln) The group is having problems with the sound system at the Meeting Place.  The sound system is not working and repairs that have been attempted are not successful.  The sound system is owned by the Meeting Place itself.  Other than that, the meeting has been going well, and attendance has been good.

Lincoln Foxhall Group Sheila H. – (Monday 7:30 PM – Lincoln) The meeting is going well. Foxhall celebrated their 3 year anniversary Monday May 6th and it went very well.  Attendance has been varying the last few weeks, but continues to carry a good message. _

Matt Talbot Group Dave D.  – (Tuesday 5:00 PM – Lincoln)  The meeting is small, but still going strong.

District 3 meeting closed at 8:15 p.m. with the serenity prayer.

Next Meeting will be held July 2, 2013 at 28th and “S” streets 2nd floor (Room 2A) at 7:00 pm.