PI/CPC Minutes – May 2013


Attendance – 4


Old Business

Drug Court Presentation

Kjerstin will update format with treatment stuff (do’s & don’ts)

No participants showed up for April Meeting

Luke & Jeff will go in June

Jessi needs to remind Jesse to have people show up. (Jessi forgot to remind him in May while she was traveling)


Kjerstin still checking on gmail account


Told intergroup we don’t want money for the 2013 year.


Made an order list – Bernice will get them at Area

Will make:

– 50 clergy packets

– 50 health professional packets


PICPC needs more people to come to meetings/be involved in the committee


June meeting will be moved to June 23 due to conflicts within the committee.

– Will be working on an Action Plan

– Do the Bi Annual Budget