PI/CPC Minutes – October 2012

Old Business

–          Jeff H. will continue to serve as treasurer.

–          Found a contact for juvenile court and probation

–          Sent format of our workshop to other districts in Area 41 (6 districts total)

–          Our budget was approved at intergroup

–          Kj will make a generic letter that we can have to send to people about how PICPC can help them with employees, clients, patients, etc. She will prepare this, then send it out to everyone for approval.

–          Drug Court

  • Work w/Alumni Association to put monthly workshop on
  • Like the one at 28th & S?
  • Contact sheet for Drug Court
    • Take off willing to listen
    • Add if they were on Drug Court
  • Connect Drug Court to AA to help with their recovery

–          Make 3 contact lists

  • Drug Court
  • Adult Probation/Diversion
  • Juvenile Probation/Diversion
    • Lists will have names and numbers of AAs will to sponsor and/or give rides

–          Wait for a few months to plan this monthly Drug Court thing

–          Jessi order pamphlets of the 12 questions for people to take to waiting rooms at hospitals.

  • Jeff H has done this with meeting lists and old grapevines.