District 22 – October 2012

Date: 10/17/12

1.      Moment of silence/ Serenity prayer.

2.      Special announcements: Kyra 20 years

3.      Traditions read by: Kyra

4.      Members in attendance: Ron R., Seth H., Kyra, Emily S., Mike E., Jessi W., Thomas W., Robert C.

5.      DCM/ALT DCM reports: Newsletter out. Should we meet on a different day or just email.

5. Treasurers report: Bal. $528.46, talked about switching to a bank that doesn’t charge us service fees. Rent-$190 for two years. Motion passed to pay rent through 2012 tonight.

6. Intergroup: Jessi W. Talked about Workshop, already happened. Calls that are missed and called back not counted. Special events- New chair was present, looking for members. All budgets were approved except corrections. Talked about educating people on intergroup. Talked briefly about central office going into meetings. List of people who can people or sponsor taken from old timers group.

7. Secretary minutes: Seth
Motioned/Seconded for approval

8. Old Business: Do we want to put possible reunion responsibilities on next rotation. If we put in proposal and other districts don’t participate and Area votes on it no other district will be able to help and that’s final. Motion made to propose Dist. 22 for 2014 reunion. Talked about that being too much work if we do more than one of events Dist. 22 has been talked about. Motion for reunion passed.
Motion passed to do a WRKSP tentatively on March 23 or 30 on triangle or digital age. Need venue, speakers, food, organize, time. Mike & Ron will find speaker, Jessi will get venue.

9. New Business: Vote 2012-3-10 Double o four. – Area would reimburse two nights hotel and ‘the works’ for officers/committee chairs for 300+ travel.
Vote 2012-03-10 008-Gas; round to nearest nickel so we don’t have to change when federal rate changes (which is three times a year). Not intended to raise gas rate, but by default does.
2012-03-10 006 2013 Budget
Approved to meet Nov. 7 because of Area.

10. Group Reports:
a. 164:N/a
b. Big Book Bunch: Kyra, 8-10 on Tues, 5 for Thurs
c. Stag: Ron R. 30-35 New people every now and then.
d. Sunday Night Wkshp: Robert C. Going ok, possibly wanting to talk about intergroup, discussed disruptions, 50-75 in attendance.
e. Wild Bunch: Thomas 30-70. Halloween Dance coming up. Oct. 27 28th & S
f. Rainbow Group: N/a
g. LBB Study: Emily, light, IC girls on and off, need alt. gsr, things
are good.