Intergroup – July 2010

Lincoln Intergroup
PO Box 6366
Lincoln, NE 68506

Chairman: Kirk M.
Vice Chairman: Bob B.
Secretary: Brian D.
Treasurer: Ray M.

Kirk began the meeting @ 6:35
The AA Traditions were read by: Ron R

Roll was taken:
Officers present: 2
Committees present: 6
Group chair members present: 4
District present: 4

Minutes approved for June 2010 District reports.

Mark (03) – Planning Labor day Picnic being held at Bethany Park flyer out soon

Ron R. (22) – 4 groups and 2 officers will host delegates Report 24th and Sewell August 14th @ 1pm Pizza, tea and coffee served. As of last month treasure amount was $314.85.

John R. (21)- Is co-sponsoring delegates report workshop. Also they are putting on a workshop October 9th @ Reach Out Christian Center – flyer out soon

Albert S. (29) – Contributing to delegates report workshop. – Talked about voting items coming up at area.

Treasurers Report: Balance forward: $1985.52 Prudent res: $200.00 Working Balance: $1785.52 Contribution: – First 164 Group: $150 – Sober Today: $45.50 – Back to Basics: $135.00 Expenses: – PI/CPC Committee: $500 – Corrections: $92.50 Ending working Balance: $1522.52 Thanks to the groups that contributed. Mail checks to: Lincoln Intergroup P.O. Box 6366 Lincoln, NE 68506 Respectfully your servant, Ray M., Treasurer

Committee Reports:

Central Office Committee: Jim C. – Treasury Income: $4559.85 Expenses: $7907.53 Loss: 3347.68 Marcella reported that there were 185 calls received in the office during May. Only 2 of those were 12 step calls. Also she mentioned that there were more contributions in June.

Lincoln AA Corrections Committee: Ron R. – Treasury Balance: $365.35

CC Jail – C and D pod meetings going well. George R. requested pamphlets and Grapevines for facility.

CCCL – Traditions study discontinued due to attendance of inmates. 12 Step Study is still active. Those interested in driving inmates to outside meetings no longer need to take an AVS workshop. All they need to do is fill out an application and undergo a background check.

RTC – Saturday night meeting continues to go well. Bill is still seeking information on a possible 2nd meeting during the week.

Hotline committee: Matt C. – Volunteer list updated, Lauryn D. is new chair, Matt helping out with transition. Thank you Lauryn for stepping up to the plate. YAY!

PI/CPC Committee: – No report

Treatment Committee: Cody S. – Everything going good

Website Committee: Ron E. – Upgrading computer – needs info sent, cannot scan anymore – see website for details, receive meeting list and minutes from website.

Special Events Committee: Matt C. – 4th of July picnic was a success even with rain. We only lost around $15. Treasury balance is $650.00. Thanks to all who helped out. Starting on Christmas party so if you’re interested in helping out show up for meeting August 15th at HI Way Diner 1pm.

Old Business:


New Business:


For more info on all committee reports visit

Meeting closed at 720 PM, and we all gathered for the Serenity Prayer

The next meeting is August 27th @ 6:30 @ Willard Community Center-1245 S. Folsom St.

Pleased to be at your service: Brian D.