PI/CPC Minutes – November 2013

Attendance – 6
Balance: $601.85

– Bernice was reimbursed for things she purchased to take to Waverly

– Jessi was reimbursed for PSA

Intergroup Report: See online minutes

Old Business

– No update about Probation workshop

– Also waiting to hear about Curtis Center (if they need any help)

– No update from Drug Court

– Nothing new about Independent Center Workshop

– Waverly Care Center  Bernice emailed and thanked her contact for setting up the “meeting”

– Bernice met with 3 men, none of whom are in recovery. They spoked about AA and the Big Book. She left the copy she brought with one of them. She said we could try to get some guys to come out and talk with them more. We would like to see if we can get District 29 involved with this (Since that is the district the care center is in). Bernice will bring it up at Life Preservers Meeting.

– No colleges have been contacted yet

– An old independent center counselor is now at UNL (Bernice works near him). They are now doing evals at UNL. Bernice will check with him and see how that is all working and whether or not we can be of any help, even just by providing literature.

– Budget was presented at Intergroup in October. Update next month on if it was approved.

New Business

2014 Elections

Chair — Luke H.
Secretary — Kjerstin E.
Treasurer — Jessi H.
Intergroup Rep — ??
Literature Chair — ??

(The remaining open positions will be voted on in December at our regular meeting.)