District 22 – February 2014

District 22

Feb 19, 2014

Meeting opened @1846

Traditions read by: Ron

Members in attendance: Ron R, Seth H, John S, Erica, Kelli J, Luke, Jordan

DCM report: Area- January.  Dist 22 assigned agenda committee. Discussion of doing things the way the area handbook suggests, trying to get back on track.  Jessi serving as secretary.

Area voting results

  • 2014-1-14-001- Finance- accept one time donation to Area 41 from AA member’s estate/ and or individual at 50% of GSO. Passed 36-3
  • 2013-11-10-011-Finance- approve area 41 budget guidelines- has not been updated since.  Would like to make changes to prudent reserve. Passed unanimously.
  • 2013-11-10-012- Discontinue publishing of Area 41 hardcopy of where and when book because information is usually outdated by the time it goes to print. Failed


Treasurer report: 352.97 No disbursements. Need clarification on discrepancy.  Treasurer not in attendance.  Will follow up.

Intergroup: Committee budgets all passed.  1300.05- balance 890.00 John has committee reports, no new business.

Secretary:  Minutes read by Kelli.  Approved

Old Business: motion to mail out minutes of meeting.  Approved.

New Business/Area voting items:

  • 2014-01-14 #002 Agenda- select host district for the area 41  2015 reunion.
    • District 22 is hosting 2014.  Can take back to groups and explain what the process is and get feedback for other districts that may be interested in hosting.
    • 2014 District 22 workshop- proposal for after reunion.  Possibly in the fall.  Get feedback from groups on ideas for themes.
    • Meet on March 12th- Motion made by Luke, second by Ron- passed.

Group Reports

  • 164: Good.  Record attendance of 49
  • Stag: Going good.  Planning a retreat during spring fling.  New GSR? Jordan Alt GSR
  • Sunday Night Workshop: Not present
  • Ladies Big Book:  Doing good.  Discussing reading thru stories.  May cause some dissention.  Steady numbers 40-50.
  • Wild Bunch: Doing well.  Big numbers, lots of service.  Approx. 20 in business meeting.  Still discussion about sending GSR to area.  PIPCP committee to fund?

Motion to close.  Meeting closed @ 1927