District 29 – February 2014

District 29 Meeting                                                                          February 11, 2014


Meeting Started: 6:31 pm


Officers Present:                                                                              Groups Present:

DCM: Steve B.                                                                                   Life Preserver: Ann

Treasurer: Stacey K.                                                                        Back to Basics: Stacey K.


Traditions read by: Steve B.


Secretary report: N/A


Treasurer report:

– Current Balance: $368.80

– Check made to Steve B. for area: $76.53

– 1st Quarter will be paid to the Meeting Place before the next meeting: $10.50


Intergroup report: N/A

– See full details at https://lincaa.org/committees-districts/intergroup/


DCM report:

– Visiting meetings for GSRs and others interested in the open positions at the district level.


Old Business:

– District 29 continues to need an intergroup rep and secretary.


New Business:

– AGENDA ITEM 2014-01-14 002 Agenda – Take this vote back to the groups. This will be voted on at the March 11th District 29 meeting.

– A group tried to mail a contribution to the old PO Box. Stacey K. will talk to Marcella about where and how to get the new PO Box updated and out to groups. (New: District 29 PO Box 85481 Lincoln, NE 68501).


Group Updates:

– Back to Basics – March 10th the meeting will be having an anniversary meeting. Fellowship at 7:00 pm,   speaker at 8:00 pm.

– Life Preserver – The meeting has moved to the Northeast Senior Center at 6310 Platte Ave. It’s still at 7:00 pm on Friday and someone will stand at the old location for a few weeks redirecting people.


Meeting Closed: 7:00 pm with the serenity prayer