Intergroup – December 2009

Lincoln Intergroup
PO Box 6366
Lincoln, NE 68506

Chairman: Tom B.
Vice Chairman: Ron R.
Secretary: Tony R.
Treasurer: Bob B.

Tom began the meeting @ 6:46 p.m.
The AA Traditions were read by Ron R.
Roll was taken:

Roll Call:

  • 3 out of 4 officers present
  • 4 out of 7 Committees present
  • 6 group chair members present
  • 3 districts present

Minutes approved for November 2009.

District Reports

Robert (District 22)
Meeting was held past Wednesday. Chad elected new DCM. Terms for new officers start in January. January 2010 meeting will moved because of conflict with Area meeting.

Pat (District 21)
Reported ending balance of $247.14, and thanks all the groups who contributed. Gave GSR reports and noted that “just about everything for area” was voted on and passed. The District 21 treasurer and alternate DCM had to step down and elections were held to fill both positions. Demetra M. was elected the alternate DCM and Jay was elected the new treasurer. As noted before, Amy Z. is new DCM for District 21. The December meeting will be held on the 20th and the January meeting will move to January 10, because of the date conflict with Area.

Matt (District 29)
District 29 held their December meeting on Tuesday (the day of the big snow storm) and reported no change in the budget balance which should be around $250.00. The group is still working to organize the Four Corners Workshop and is tentatively scheduling it for the end of May 2010. The topic of the workshop should be decided by the second Tuesday of January.

District 3
No representative present.

Bob (Treasurer)
Reported there was no activity on account this month but did correct the under-reported donation amount from the Rainbow Group. The ending balance is $2,258.68. Tom thanked the Rainbow Group for “always being a very faithful contributor” to Intergroup.

For more info on all committee reports visit

Central Office Committee: Neil L. – absent.

Lincoln AA Corrections Committee: Chad O. Flyers were passed out for the 2009-2010 Lincoln AA New Year’s Alcathon and asked members to hand out and remind their fellow AA’s that the event is always a good time and is looking for people to help out. Chad mentioned there has always been good attendance the past years. The current balance was reviewed and it was discussed that if anyone is interested in taking meetings, there no longer is a need to attend the AVS workshop. Meeting takers are only required to fill out an application and have completed the background check. Chad is looking forward to passing the Corrections baton to Ron R. and said “It’s been good to serve. And doing service.”

Hotline committee: Matt C. The total number of calls that were handled were reviewed and Matt noted that the overall number is down a little bit. Please make sure any hotline signup sheets are turned in before January. If you have any leftover or blank sheets, you can return them for future use.

PI/CPC Committee: Amanda C. – Absent.

Treatment Committee: Becky R. – Absent.

Website Committee: Ron E. We’re in the process of auditing the Meeting list database to make sure it’s up-to-date with the current printed Meeting list. Please send Ron the email address you would like to receive committee messages from the Website. Email addresses will not be published on the Website but will be used in a contact form with the goal to reduce the amount of email spam generated when email addresses are posted online. It’s the goal of the committee to launch the new website sometime in January 2010.

Special Events Committee: Matt C. It was reiterated that the flyers for the Alcathan have been distributed. Matt reported a turnout of approximately 80 to 90 people for the Christmas party that was held on December 5. Attendance for the party might have been affected by the Nebraska football game which was played on the same night. The committee purchased a roaster for the Christmas party and future A.A. events which created a temporary shortfall of $37.55. The Alcathon sub-committee purchased the leftover soda and water for $50 so there was an event surplus of $13 reported. An ending balance of $779.73 was reported. Matt reported that Carol is stepping down from the committee and there will be no December meeting held. Starting in January, the starting time for the Special Events committee meetings will be moved to 1:00 p.m. to more easily accommodate members’ schedules. The date and location will remain the same.

Old Business

Discussion was held regarding the December meeting date. A motion was made to move the December meeting up one week, to December 18, to avoid having the meeting on New Year’s Day. The option was discussed to move up the meeting two weeks, or December 11. Motion was seconded and approved for the December 18 date.

Budgets were reviewed and elections for positions filled.

New Business

The need to update the authorized signatories on the Intergroup banking account was discussed. Tom and Bob will coordinate with the new Chair and Treasurer. Tom noted there was one position that was not included in the November elections and there will still the need to elect a representative from Intergroup for the Hotline Co-chair. This item will be tabled until next month’s meeting because of tonight’s low meeting turnout.

Pat made a motion to give Tom a round of applause for doing “a damn fine job for the past 2 years.” The motion was not seconded but everyone clapped anyway.

Meeting closed at 7:33 PM, and we all gathered for the Serenity Prayer. On to 2010!

The next meeting will be held January 29th at 6:30 p.m. at the Willard Community Center, 1245 S. Folsom St., Lincoln, Nebraska.

Special thanks to Ron E. for doing an outstanding job filling in as intergroup secretary.

Pleased to be at your service: Tony R.